Read aloud, and your book will thank you

For aspiring authors, there’s loads to be nervous about as we chisel away at, what we hope will become a masterpiece loved by all. However, one of the biggest worries at least for me is, does what I’m writing sound like an actual story? Or is it bullshit that will never find it’s way to bookshelves?

Those questions pop up more than I care to admit. I pretty much think of them as reoccurring nightmares, that haunt my subconscious on a nightly basis.

Tonight however, I think that I may have stumbled on a tool that is essential to every  writer’s toolbox. At the bottom, hidden, or so I thought, of my little toolbox I found an all important tool. An author’s voice – my voice, a voice that I can hear coming through, with perfect clarity in every sentence.

It was crazy, it was wonderful, it’s progress made, or rather progress in the making.  How did I find this tool? you’re probably wondering. Oddly enough it was by reading a working chapter in progress, aloud. Something I’ve been unable/unwilling to try, for fear that the writing itself would be or sound god awful. It didn’t and for the first time I could hear the author’s voice coming through within the words.

If you’re an aspiring author I would recommend giving this exercise a go, especially if you’re unsure of the writing you’re producing. Saying sentences, dialogue, phrases, and paragraphs out loud can help. If your ears don’t like the sound of a sentence or a piece of dialogue, then you can edit the piece until it becomes music to your ears.

I should kick myself for not doing this sooner, but at least now I know how much this can aid me, as I continue on with Jenny Mac.



Tonight I made the mistake of being bored out of my mind, and this lead me to YouTube, which then lead to watching author interviews. After watching one I decided to go upstairs into my office, pull out the old laptop, and look at Dreamer; my 43,000 something of a half written novel that I haven’t touched in 8 months. I read as far as the first paragraph and then closed the document. The first paragraph was so dreadful that I think it may have actually frightened me.

I worked on that book for a good year, I want to say and when I looked back on it today, AHH! I’m pretty sure that, that particular book is one that you sometimes just end up tossing aside and giving up on, either because you come to realize that the story isn’t going anywhere, or you just simply hate it after a while. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this book, nor can I fully remember what made me stop working on it. The one thing that I do know for certain is that the idea for the book came at a very awkward time in my life. My grandmother had just passed, there was loads of family drama BS going on, and at that time the very idea of starting over with Jenny Mac seemed next to impossible. Basically that story came at a very low point in my life, not the lowest, but low. If I had read further than the first paragraph I’m sure that would have shown clearly through the writing.

I find it so amazing sometimes what you can find yourself writing at low points of your life, and let me tell you it is just as if not more astounding where you find yourself as a writer when things are actually going – well I don’t want to say that they’re going fabulous, or even well because I feel like it may very well jinx me, but things are okay. I mean it’s the Holiday season and this year I have so much that I’m thankful for and so much in my life that have come around full circle, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like this. For me it’s usually crappy, shit, shitty, and shittier there was never really any stability. Now I have a house, food in the fridge, and this Jenny Mac book that I know is going to be amazing, because the ideas that are coming to me are so amazing. It’s amazing how life can surprise you in such a positive way, that you still wake up every morning and think, is this all real?

And it’s amazing how much one terrible book experience can make you think and ramble on for 463 words. I feel like I’m going to be doing this and feeling these sort of emotions a lot as I go along and look back on how my life used to be, it’s just so crazy.

Most inspiring musicians

I love music in every form, I love the power a single song can have when you hear it; be for the first time or for the millionth. There are so many amazing musicians past and present who have a gift, nay an ability to take you on a journey every time you play one of their records. These incredibly talented people have inspired me time and time again, and I’d like to kick off this post with one of my favorites.

Elvis, the creator of Rock n’ Roll, whose music will always be loved. I remember hearing That’s alright mama for the first time and thinking, yes I can understand why this man exploded in the 50’s. His mix of country and R&B created a brand new genre, that would go on to inspire the first official rock band The Beatles. His music broke down the doors and other artists would go on to intensify rock.

A short list,

The Beatles

The Beach Boys



Guns n’ Roses 

Such awesome bands with amazing styles all of their own and were responsible for moving rock music in different directions. Continuing with rock but slipping into the the punk category a few bands/artists jump to mind.

Billy Idol, broke through with punk originally with Generation X, however cranked it up when he embarked on his solo career. Other great punk artists include Green Day and Simple Plan. Moving onto one of my personal favorite genres Pop.

One of the most undeniable pop music sensations is the one and only Micheal Jackson, since The Jackson 5 he was an unstoppable force and has inspired many in both Pop and R&B. Not to mention he was responsible for one other the most successful albums of all time Thriller. I love the man for his creativity, his songwriting, and his rhythm. In the 90’s pop took an interesting turn, you had Britney Spears, along with two of the most popular boy bands N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys. The mix of these artists spun pop music into a new direction, particularly Britney and N’Sync. Then came Justin Timberlake who has brought a lot to the table over the past 12 years. When you step from the 90’s/2000’s era into today’s pop music scene we have, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, Jesse McCartney, Kelly Clarkson (who did pop up in the early 2000’s but is still bringing it.)

To finish off this post I want to include two of my hero/heroine’s.

Elton John, his music is all inspiring but perhaps what’s the most inspiring for me is his being open about his sexuality, during a time when it was less than encouraged.

Of course one of the strongest female entertainers who blazed the trail for future female pop artists, Cher. 

These artist have encouraged us, and still inspires us, through their music, and through their willingness and backbone. For this we’re grateful.                  


The Jenny Mac Blogger Appreciation Award 2014

Since The Jenny Mac Book Blog made its WordPress debut in 2012, I have been very fortunate in meeting amazing new people with brilliant minds. These people have been an inspiration, helpful, patient, understanding, faithful readers, and above all else excellent bloggers.

Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to have been nominated for several different blogging awards, and have ever since wanted to create an award of my own that represents my gratitude and appreciation towards my fellow bloggers. It is in this spirit that I would like to pass this award onto my most inspiring bloggers.

The Jenny Mac Blogger Appreciation Award 2014 will be given out to those bloggers who inspire us, keep us coming back to their blogs, challenge us to not only be better bloggers but better writers, and to those who have that magically ability to uplift our spirits.

Nomination guidelines:

Write a post telling us about the people that you have chosen to nominate.

Thank and link back to the person who has nominated you.

Include the award logo in your acceptance post.

Nominate 5 to 10 others bloggers who you see fit to be awarded and let them know about their nomination.

Display the award on your own site.

I am proud to present the following nominees and I hope that you will all enjoy this award. 🙂

The Nominees are…

Congratulations to all of my nominees and thank you for everything that you have done for me. You are truly inspirational people, whom I hope will always continue to write and will continue to pursue your dreams. ❤

He For She

I heard about this campaign yesterday while on Facebook and was so moved by Emma Watson’s speech that I wanted to share it with you; however before I post the YouTube video I would like you share with you my thoughts. Many of you know that I am a supporter of equal rights for LGTB equality, but what I have not mentioned is my stand for feminism.

Throughout my life I was looked upon as weak to most not only because I was a girl, but also because I was also a petite. I was probably three times smaller than my classmates, as a result I would rebut and try to do the same things that the boys were doing, at one point I even wanted to tryout for a peewee football team. That fortunately did not come to pass because I think it scared the living daylight out of my mother, and I would’ve probably been cut from the team because I was so tiny.

When I was thirteen encountered a lot you cants because I was was a girl. An ex-boyfriend would also tell me things like “girls aren’t strong enough to do things that guys can do.” That would always anger me because it seemed like girls and women were instantly shot down because we’re looked at as the weaker sex. I learned more and more as the years went on that my assumptions were true.

In my eyes that was something that shouldn’t even be assumed. Woman are strong, intelligent, and capable; which should be looked at with the utmost respect. So today I want to join Emma Watson’s He For She campaign to give women the same opportunities as men, and equal wages. I hope that this campaign serves as a step in the right direction for human equality.


I’ve said this once before with a song that wrote in the past, but this song is and will forever be the most personal song that I have ever written. As some of you know I posted a song a couple of years ago that revolved around child molestation; within that song there were many points that I wanted to emphasize and also a message that I wanted to get out there for everyone to see. However I never felt that particular song carried that I message fully; but this afternoon I think that I might have done just that with this new song.

For a child innocence is the most precious thing, with innocence comes magic and belief in the happy ever after.

You are oblivious of the real world, stuck inside a fantasy, dreaming of growing up to be the next Oprah Winfrey.

You feel invincible, you feel as if childhood has a protection charm and that no one could ever do you harm, completely unaware of the monster lurking in the shadows of your own home.

This house was a safe heaven, I use to imagine that it was my castle with its own defenses; guards at every entry and a moat for a little extra security. These castle walls always seemed so impenetrable, but that’s what comes with the innocence.

I only wish I knew then what I know now, maybe that would’ve saved me somehow.

For a child innocence is the most precious thing, but what happens when it’s stolen in the dead of night, what do you do to stop the pain inside?

How can I say that I’ve been victimized? When you’re like blood to me, how could I even begin to explain?

Night after night you’d have your way with me and every time that you’d come near me I would lose my nerve, afraid for my family and what the future would bring. You silenced with threats that brought me to my knees, I can still remember being so afraid of nightfall and going to sleep, wishing that I could have just had the nerve to scream.

(Chorus fourteen years later I’ve learned the importance of using your mouth, no longer am I afraid to speak up and say, that I was victimized by you.

Now that I’m grown I understand that it was you, you were the one who was the monster, and I was your prey. How dare you blame your crimes on me, how dare you ever threaten me or my family, you were the adult who has never taken responsibility for your actions.

I take comfort in knowing that you’ll never again be free; because its people like you who should be locked away for rest of their days.

Ten years old and I could never say what I should have said, you were a monster that kept me quiet, so afraid of you but now I understand that I was victimized by you.)

When you’re young you feel invincible, so sure that nothing could happen to you. Well I’m living proof that just isn’t true.

This world’s a scary place and every child should know that you can’t always be safe and protected, but with the proper training you can spot the evil lurking in the shadows, and run away before it too late.

(Chorus fourteen years later I’ve learned the importance of using your mouth, no longer am I afraid to speak up and say, that I was victimized by you.

Now that I’m grown I understand that it was you, you were the one who was the monster, and I was your prey. How dare you blame your crimes on me, how dare you ever threaten me or my family, you were the adult who has never taken responsibility for your actions.

I take comfort in knowing that you’ll never again be free; because its people like you who should be locked away for rest of their days.

Ten years old and I could never say what I should have said, you were a monster that kept me quiet, so afraid of you but now I understand that I was victimized by you.)

If you’ve been victimized I hope that you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Even if the days seem the darkest that they’ve ever been just please understand that they will get better.

You may not think that you can ever be secure and happy, but I know now that it is possible to get that happy ever after.

The Casual Vacancy

In many ways I think that this book was expected to be brilliant because it was written by one of the most successful authors. I think most expected it to be as brilliant or just as engaging as the Harry Potter series was. I’ll be the first to admit that when I picked up this book a couple of years ago that’s what I expected, something brilliant for adults that would be adventurous and engaging.

When I began to read this book a couple years ago it surprised me but it eventually lost my interest. About two years later I decided to pick it up again, for creative purposes for my own story. There is one character in this story that I think people would want to learn about the most out of many different characters this particular character is one that keeps you drawn into the story itself.

Krystal Weedon has basically been shoved through the school system and hasn’t had a proper chance at an education. She’s looked at as a lost cause to most; because of her family, her residence, her history and her reputation. She is the only character that truly needs saving, but unfortunately never gets to be fully helped or rescued. I think that among all of this town’s and townspeople’s issues it’s really Krystal’s own story that keeps your interest.

Two years ago I didn’t think that this story was as brilliant as I anticipated it to be, but now I’ve seen what I was too blinded to notice before.

All of the townspeople have their own issues and nobody is perfect but at the heart of the book it’s about helping somebody who is in need and connecting the dots that others are either to selfish or too blind to see.