First Sight Redo Intro

Yesterday, I revealed the possibilities for a new book however, I hated the way I described said book. So I kinda wanted to redo the introduction to this book idea. Which I’m hoping will serve as a duo purpose, the first to fix the intro; (which I always manage to suck at describing the first time round.)  The second purpose is a distraction, for I have the worst case of heartburn, that’s legit making me want to upchuck, all that’s missing is the gross belching. I really should look into another heartburn reliever other than Tums, because they’re so not helping in the slightest at the moment. Anyway, onto the redo intro!

Adolescence, is complicated. When you stop and think about it there are many things that can define it as such. There’s school, parental figures, teachers, popularity status, cliques, the first crush, the first date, the first kiss. Except what happens when the first crush isn’t on a boy… But a girl?

When Roxy and Lexi cross paths in the fall of 2005. It’s a friendship turned on it’s head, when an unexpected flame sparks. Rising the question, Can love truly conquer all? Can their love endure homophobic peers, a bigoted parental figure, the prospect of coming out, troubles at home, the possibility of going in separate directions?

Can young love last? Or is it doomed to leave a scar that’ll last forever?

There, wish I would’ve come up with this yesterday, and I hope that this second attempt sounds loads more interesting.

New Year… New Goals

Hey all,

Hope you all had a Happy New Year and that 2017 proves to be a great year for you.

I’ve been meaning to get back into blogging recently, however I’ve found myself too distracted lately. The good news however, is that these distractions have all been positive ones, which gives me hope that 2017 will prove to be a good year.

First off I do indeed have some New Year’s resolutions, however I’m trying to side step the word Resolutions, because it always seems like the word is setting you up to either instantly, or eventually fail. Instead I’m calling them my New year’s Goals.

  1. Write, write, write!

I am a well known procrastinator, especially if I’m blocked, so this year. I’ve set up weekly writing goals. I started, off so far, writing 4 days a week, writing at least 650 words a day. I am completely ecstatic to report, in the first week, I only got stuck at 452 words once, the rest came in at 650 or higher.

As time goes on, I’m hoping to write 5 days a week, and eventually work up to an output of 1,000 words per writing session. In the first week, I wrote 12 pages, and had a grand total of 4,452 word written. It’s amazing what I can get done, when I apply myself.

2. Finish a book.

Right now I have two different iron’s in the fire. One being Jenny Mac, and the other being the untitled piece that you’ve seen little pieces of. Given that Jenny Mac, still isn’t fully, formed story line wise, amongst other things. I doubt that this book will be fully done within the year, maybe a draft or two. Still it’s not something that I want to rush through.

However the untitled piece is actually taking form and now, officially has a working title. Drum roll… From untitled to First Sight.

First Sight, is different in comparison to anything I’ve worked on. It is a coming of age Romance, revolving around two teenage girls, discovering they’ve fallen in love. While trying to cope with school, their home lives and eventually the coming out process. The idea stemmed from my love of Nicolas Sparks novels, and my bewilderment that the only other lesbian book that I could find, that wasn’t smut was, Fried Green Tomatoes. So if this book works out, it’ll be something for Lesbians, or for those who like Romance books.

3. Blog!

On top of the writing goals, I’m going to try to blog more often, as well as stopping by your own blogs more often. Which I need to get a better handle on.

Finally two goals that don’t revolve around writing and they are as follows…

4. Eat better.


5. Hit the gym

With any luck by the end of this year I will have, written First Sight, gotten a couple of drafts into Jenny Mac, blogged a ton, lost a few pounds, and will look fitter than I have in over a year or so.

With that being said what are some of your New Year’s Goals? and How do you like the idea of First Sight?

Worldly views

I think what I find most exciting about Jenny’s world, is the difference in technological advances, as well as their views at protecting the planet from global warming.

Unlike the U.S. views in the 1950’s to the present, on the issue of global warming. Jenny’s world actually does see global warming as a real threat and they take action to prevent further damage.

By 2010 in Jenny’s world gas powered cars, oil heating, gas heating, and even electric companies, and nuclear plants, have become a thing of the past. Instead they’re using solar energy as a main source of their power, along with other natural energy sources. Because of these changes it’s become rare to see droughts, forest fires, animal extinction, and pollution levels rising. If only we took this threat seriously when the evidence first arose.

It’s so amazing to see how differently people act when world peace is actually possible/obtainable. It sort of like we’ve taken all of the stupidity out of society, and by so doing were able to reach new heights of intellect. As a matter of fact that is probably what would happen if society weren’t split into the two party system, and we managed to make decisions together as well… Not only as a nation but as human beings.

Bills check

I’m not entirely sure why doing a task like paying household bills excites me ??? I know half of it, has more to do with relief, like yes the water bill’s covered now onto the oil bill. Most recently it’s been the oil bills, which if you’re more from a Western state, like I am originally. You have a tendency to take advantage of the fact that your ways of heating your home are more up to date, and therefore less expensive. However if you’re an Northern East Coaster, you’re use to the idea of paying for oil services. In which case you know the stress, and or headache induced; when you need to call an oil company for any reason. Be it,  to service tanks, boilers, or fulling the tank, it’s never a fun experience.

Usually any oil company I’ve used you have to pay in advance for service, because they typically don’t just bill you. At times over the years this sort of business practice would burn major financial holes in my wallet… Until today that is. This morning I was fortunate enough to try Tasse’s. I figured that I had good luck with them for my plumbing needs so why not try to see if they can help with issues that I was having with a couple of my boilers. Wouldn’t you know it, they’re actually amazing; they bill me instead of instantly charging my debit card, and they give you discounts if you use them for both of your plumbing and heating needs. I think that I’m actually falling in love with my heating company. It’s such a relief to know that if I were to have a heating emergency that they’ll actually help instead of telling me… “You’re card needs a minimum balance of $200  dollars or more, in order for us to send out a tech.” I mean sometimes, and especially considering this time of year, you might not have that kind of cash instantly available. Then your house is like a walk in freezer for two weeks, all because the oil company needs the cash up front. I am so happy with this new company and am feeling so relieved.

Though I haven’t paid this oil bill yet, it’s good to know that I can do so in a more convenient matter. So yay Tasse’s thank you for actually providing me with your services.


Really America? REALLY?!

I don’t know about the rest of you intelligent Americans out there, but I’m still in shock, and am still praying like hell to find out that we made a mistake. Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate? I can see the headlines now… America’s New Reality…. Not likely, or Trump Never Happening.  Where instead of holding protests, we would rejoice in the fact that we dodged a fat orange bullet, with a blond wig. Well, on the left side anyway. The righty’s would wine like the giant fucktard babies that they are.

Really? This is who’s going to be commander and chief! And you right wing nut jobs think we’re in trouble now. As of right now I’m both scared and curious to see where in the hell our nation’s going to be in four years… I mean is it going to be worse than our economic fall in 08? Will it be a total apocalyptic horror show? Or will we show our American spirit and not allow the shit to hit the fan? I’m hoping for option C.

I’ll admit after hearing the results at little past three in the morning last week, my immediate thought was to flee to Canada. I even checked a few things out on their site, but then another thought came. That thought was, I’ve been working on this house for over a year. I’ve put all of this time and energy into restoring it, and now because this moron’s got the golden keys I’m going to runaway. What kind of logic is that? I know every country along with every world leader now officially sees us as the biggest fucking retards on the planet, but goddammit… Last year I found myself a home with loads of potential and endless possibilities, and goddammit I’m proud of it. I’m actually able to live the America dream. I’m so fucking lucky in that respect. Hell I might not ever be this fortunate again, and I almost threw in the towel.

I may not know what’s going to happen in the coming months or years, but I do know that we’ve worked hard to bring this country up to speed, and we will not just standby and let all of the progress we made digress back to the stone age. That’s not what this nation was built on.

So I’ll sign off with this… Let’s keep moving forward together.