Jenny Mac and the Man of Secrets

Jenny Mac is an ordinary thirteen-year-old, she’s captain of her school softball team, does well in school, and has the best life that a girl could ask for. There was simply no indication that could’ve made Jenny think of her life as anything but average; until the sudden loss of her parents in a tragic car accident.

She would’ve never guessed that her parents had a secret past. She’s never known about Joseph Johnson, his rule, or of the WIA.

She could never imagine possessing a psychic ability which had been passed on to her from her mother. She couldn’t have predicted that she would need to depend upon these abilities in order to save her godmother from certain death, and it all begins with a letter left at her parents’ accident scene.


21 thoughts on “Jenny Mac and the Man of Secrets

    1. Thank you and yes this is book one and no I don’t know when it will be in print; I’m still looking for an agent to take it on. I’ll definitely let you when it is out there to purchase. 🙂


      1. Thanks. 🙂 Say, could you give me tips on writing? I’m a writer also (a wannabe one, but whatever) and I’m working on my own story that I want to publish once it’s done.


      2. I started posting my story “Emmy” yesterday. If you could read it and give me whatever advice you think I need, that would be nice.


      3. Hey Kelsie I’m just letting you know that I’ve read through the first three chapters and I like the story so far. I’ll get back to you tomorrow when I’ve finished the rest of the story.


      4. Hey Kelsie,
        I finished reading through the first five chapters of Emmy and I’d say that you have a pretty good start, I do however have a few questions for you.
        Are you hoping to eventually publish Emmy? Is the story going to be in the form of a short story, novella, or a novel? How long have you been working on Emmy?
        So far I think that the story is filled with mstery and I couldn’t help but think of the Harry Potter series in a way. Did the Harry Potter series have an impact on your writing; because I kinda feel like there could be a connection there. Unless of course I’m way off base.
        As for the tips I would make sure that you keep unvailing the background story with Jesse, Tanya and the elf nation. Speaking of my own experiences with Jenny Mac you need to make sure that the background story is solid. Otherwise you’ll have holes in your story.
        Maybe also build up Jesse more either in chapter 4, or sometime along in the story; like say as the story continues Emmy finds out more about her father and the love story between Tanya. Like the background story it’s also important to develope the love story within.
        I think that’s all of the tips that I can give you right now, but your story is really good and I’d love to read as you continue on with it.
        Oh and I’d also recommend puting tags up on the chapters that will gain more views for your story, and hopefully some fans.


  1. Thanks for checking out my new blog series, The Incomplete Guide to Preternatural Creatures! I wish you the best of luck with yours, it’s so great and I’m glad to see you’re trying to get an agent. Let me know when you do!


  2. Hi! I’m new here post-break and wondering if you ever found an editor. I feel like I’m sort of doing what you were doing before the ‘break.’ Getting a lot of blogging done and platform building but not a lot of writing done. It’s the editing that’s killing me. I hate it, to put it mildly. Just wondering if you’ve already got beta readers, a writer’s group, or a new editor to look at your book yet?


      1. I hear you I went through the same exact thing and nearly got taken for $1,200 with one that I found about a year ago. If you’d like to look for editors I suggest going to, select paid services and there will be a page for editors. Before approaching the editor I suggest getting into contact with the authors that they’ve worked with and get references, if you get good feedback from them then go ahead and send the editor an email. Oh and if at all you have a gut bad feeling about the editor then you may consider walking away. Also be sure to look for an editor that offers a contract and beware of those that DO NOT offer contracts.
        Here’s the info on the editor I used I recommend her very highly. She is completely honest and will lead you in the right direction, and she offers a contract.
        Best of luck to you. 🙂


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