Dreamer: This writer’s story

Rebecca Reilly is a high school senior with a bright future on the horizon and her first manuscript in the works. On the surface she would appear to be average, at least that is what she hopes to put off. However Rebecca has a not-so-average domestic life. She lives with her mother and step father, two unfit drug addicts who could care less about their daughter.

Rebecca takes her insane life as it comes and tries to get by one day at a time, counting down the days until she can finally leave this town and go off to university. But when her parents destroy her school laptop one night during a fight, Rebecca is sent into an emotional tailspin. With all of her colleges essays on her destroyed hard drive and the deadline  only a few days away she must find a way to re-write them and send them in before the deadline expires; which leads her down a path that she may be reluctant to go down.


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