Are you ready?

Twenty-three and barely free.

Set down a path, that society, has brainwashed into her head.

Marriage, white picket fence, and 2.5 kids. Tell me, is this what you had planned?

Here we go, it’s the same old pitch.

The diamond ring is dazzling, and you’re positive that he is everything.

The man who will be there. So, sure that when you say yes, he’ll be yours forever,

Sacrificing. Through sickness and health, and through it all, his eyes remain on you.

Here we go, we go.

No, no.

You think you’re bound; for the fairytale ending, as you receive the key; that you’ve been told will make you happy.

Lady why can’t you see? Your stupidity is bothering me.

Here we go, we go.

No, no.

(Chorus Are you ready?

To tolerate, the noises; that get under your skin.

Are you prepared?

For the arguments, that lead to compromises; where no one wins.

Are you ready?

For broken promises, rescheduled dates, and all of that shit.

Tell me, is this what love truly is?)

If so, I think I’ll pass on the traditional route.

Don’t care if you think I’m weird. Your approval means less and less.

The lone wolf sounds better in retrospect.

Societal path break free, break free.

The ordinary, is not for me.

Lady why don’t you slow down? And, take it easy.

Why bite the bullet? When there’s more to life; than the white picket fence. I’m telling you, you’re still too fresh and far young.

Why not, try again; when you’re thirty-one.

A few years wiser, I promise you’ll have found the one.

Here we go, we go.

No, no.

(Chorus Are you ready?

To tolerate, the noises that get under your skin.

Are you prepared?

For the arguments, that lead to compromises; where no one wins.

Are you ready?

For broken promises, rescheduled dates, and all of that shit.

Tell me, is this what love truly is?)

Here we go, we go.

No, no.

No thanks, I think I’m all set.

Bills check

I’m not entirely sure why doing a task like paying household bills excites me ??? I know half of it, has more to do with relief, like yes the water bill’s covered now onto the oil bill. Most recently it’s been the oil bills, which if you’re more from a Western state, like I am originally. You have a tendency to take advantage of the fact that your ways of heating your home are more up to date, and therefore less expensive. However if you’re an Northern East Coaster, you’re use to the idea of paying for oil services. In which case you know the stress, and or headache induced; when you need to call an oil company for any reason. Be it,  to service tanks, boilers, or fulling the tank, it’s never a fun experience.

Usually any oil company I’ve used you have to pay in advance for service, because they typically don’t just bill you. At times over the years this sort of business practice would burn major financial holes in my wallet… Until today that is. This morning I was fortunate enough to try Tasse’s. I figured that I had good luck with them for my plumbing needs so why not try to see if they can help with issues that I was having with a couple of my boilers. Wouldn’t you know it, they’re actually amazing; they bill me instead of instantly charging my debit card, and they give you discounts if you use them for both of your plumbing and heating needs. I think that I’m actually falling in love with my heating company. It’s such a relief to know that if I were to have a heating emergency that they’ll actually help instead of telling me… “You’re card needs a minimum balance of $200  dollars or more, in order for us to send out a tech.” I mean sometimes, and especially considering this time of year, you might not have that kind of cash instantly available. Then your house is like a walk in freezer for two weeks, all because the oil company needs the cash up front. I am so happy with this new company and am feeling so relieved.

Though I haven’t paid this oil bill yet, it’s good to know that I can do so in a more convenient matter. So yay Tasse’s thank you for actually providing me with your services.


A short glimpse

Hey everybody, I’ve been working on this short story for the past few days. (Still a WIP,) but I thought that I might actually try submitting. There’s no title to this piece but I thought I’d give you a peek. I hope you find it interesting.


The Autumn air, (still feeling like a warm summer day) whooshed past her face as she pumped her legs moving upward on the swing. There’s was something so peaceful about being on the swings, they could calm her thoughts even on her worst day. Today had been terrible, for the horrid teacher that she had suffered through last year, had followed her to eighth grade English. Ms. Nielson had picked up right where she had left off from the previous year, with the exception of changing curriculum. Instead of studying authors like Louis Sacher, and Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. They were now digging into memoirs, and History, like the Holocaust and reading The Diary of Anne Frank. How she longed for next year when they would be introduced to Shakespeare, or more accurately, Romeo & Juliet. Nielson had picked up right where she had left off, her voice ringing with clear fury, and her frustration showing even more easily in her old age. Why they don’t just let the old bat go; but then the word she despised popped into her head, tenure. For the next few years Nielson would have a permanent residence in the English department of Prescott Junior High, continuing to torture both students and staff with her nasty attitude. Just this year, just get through this year and you’ll never have to tolerate the old bitch again. Nielson might have been granted to torture the lower classmen but the upperclassmen got teachers like Parker, Long, and Kelly, all who were as even tempered as possible and young.

She glimpsed up at the blue mountain backdrop, (a gorgeously, magnificent sight that only The Rockies could provide.) She drifted willingly and happily. She could smell the rich mountain air, and see the Rockies as they were meant to be seen; up close and surrounding her in every direction. She could see the trail, unchanged, the Columbines blooming along it’s edges, as if they were guiding her up the trail. A light breeze brushed against her and pine trees provided shade from the sun overhead. If only she could stay in this memory, but at the very least the memory had served its purpose. To wash away what had clung to her conscious mind, since the guidance counselor had presented her with her class schedule. Now she could go home, now she could stand to be around her parents and deal with whatever might transpire.

“Roxy, Hey girl.”

Roxy broke her stare from the distant blue mountains and looked down the park’s fence alleyway, where Crystal emerged from, smiling broadly.

“Hey Crystal,” Roxy greeted, but showed no signs of slowing down, as her legs took in another pump of the air.

“You know something, every time I come to the park you’re always on the swings.”

“I like to lose myself on them,” she said flatly.

“Me too,” said Crystal, as she mounted the other available swing, next to Roxy.

Roxy felt a wave of annoyance and displeasure wash over her.

“So how’d your first day back go?” Crystal asked then added, “Mine was long and boring.”

“It was all right,” she said, not caring enough to mention her dislike to find out that she had Nielson for another year.

“I’ve got homework already, Nielson,” Crystal continued.

Oh thanks for reminding me, homework on the first day, what kind of teacher gives a homework assignment on the first day back. At least it’s easy. Roxy thought as Crystal’s continued yammering began to sound like static from a radio.

A few minutes later Crystal dismounted from the swing set only to head over to the jungle gym to climb on the monkey bars, still yammering about subjects such as school friends, and her folks. At least that’s what Roxy assumed. Every once in a while when she would tune Crystal back in. At which point Roxy would say “Yeah, that’s ridiculous, or parents are weird.”

It had been shortly after Crystal had dismounted from the swings that Roxy first noticed her. She recognized her instantly. It was that curly haired new girl, she’d seen her around the neighborhood a few weeks before school began, and she seemed different, compared the other girls in the neighborhood; she kept to herself, and seemed shy. But there was something else about this girl that had nothing to do with the vibes she put off, no it was something unrecognizable to Roxy. It almost felt like a question with the answer visible, but still far too blurred to properly see it. So she knew the thing was there and yet, blank.

Draw the curtains

Tonight love is going to be on its heights, cause baby you just gave me the green light.

Now I want to do this up right, girl you’re the love of my life.

I know exactly what you like, so hit the lights while I light the flames on these candles, your favorite scent is vanilla right?

Girl I’m just playing, you know me forever the class clown, as well as a hopeless romantic.

Yeah I fit the definition of the perfect cliché.

I’m straight up all the way, but hey that’s all right cause you know that I’m well worth all them clichés and more.

As I sprinkle down rose peddles on my queen bed.

Girl you’re the perfect dream, I must confess I’ve always looked at you and saw nothing but the best.

Fantasy coming true, when you step into the room, your birthday suit, baby oh my lord, how that skin glows.

So soft and so smooth in the candlelight you’re magnificent.

For a moment I stop to ponder how I ever found a woman so beautiful. Babe you’re oh so fine, then you kiss my lips, and here we go.

(Chorus draw the curtains.

Where we venture, it’ll be only ours to know.

Umpire you call out whichever position and I’ll be, ready and raring, barely breathing, but your moisture’s worth every second.

Girl when I can do this again?

Oh wait that’s right we can go all night. No need to press reset, we’re just endless love.

Of which I’ve got no regrets. )

Tonight is the best.


Slow things down, we go slow and I’ll build you right back up, and by then we’re going hard once again.

Loving big, don’t you know, I make it a necessity to have you screaming my name.

Just as loud as your vocal cords can go.

Oh babe I love you so, I wouldn’t ask for anything more, just you and I, in this bed all alone.

(Chorus draw the curtains.

Where we venture, it’ll be only ours to know.

Umpire you call out whichever position and I’ll be ready and raring, barely breathing, but your moisture’s worth every second.

Girl when I can do this again?

Oh wait that’s right we can go all night. No need to press reset, we’re just endless love.

Of which I’ve got no regrets. )

Let this passion forever stay alive as we fall asleep in each other’s arms, wrapping up a night so amazing, it’s like I’ve been dreaming.


Last night I won’t soon forget.

So much I wanna say, yet so little time

I want to start this post with something positive, well at least positive for me and all of my friends out in Colorado. I’m so happy that the Broncos are their way to Super Bowl 50.

(A quick side note:) I have friends and relatives that reside out here in Mass, so out of respect to them and the Pats I will say that the Pats played a good game and that Brady had me biting my nails in the 4th. So good game Pats I wish y’all the best next year.

This week was very progressive for me, I’ve accomplished a few goals that I’d set out a couple of weeks ago, until a slight elbow injury stopped me in my tracks. The first is that I finished ripping the rest of the carpet in my office.


Then the next piece of the project before sanding down the hardwood floor, was to finish painting the walls. They turned out to be a beautiful white.

wall painted

Hardwood sanded

Finally to wrap up part of this office space/home improvement I sanded the floor, and successfully got rid of the nasty leftover glued down bits of carpet pad. At least now I can say it looks and smells a lot better. The sanding I am most thrilled to be finished with because to do the job and to also save some money, I used my portable belt sander to do the job. I will say on the up side it gives your arms a fantastic workout.

The final and one of the most important things I did this week was that I continued to chisel out the fossil that is Jenny Mac, although no major story pieces have been written this week, two important pieces to Jenny’s psychic abilities were. Even though that seems pretty minimal it’s actually a big step for me at least.

I know that I haven’t blogged much this month I do apologize people I’m trying to better proportion my time, but I do however have a few Stephen King books that I’d like to share with you when I have more time. There’s three so far that I’ve read On Writing, Christine, and Carrie; I must say so far I’ve liked Christine the best. I’m also in the midst of Misery so I will have some new posts coming soon.

I hope y’all have a good night and I’ll see you soon.

Feminine Guile

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Feminine Guile

To wake up next to her
Is a thing of beauty
If you could please excuse me
I want to devour you completely
So you don’t forget
What it’s like to lay on my chest
I want you
I want to hold you close
I want to feel your warmth
The build up
Underneath the sheets
The blankets trap the heat
And I think
What did I do to deserve this?
My heart feels like a furnace

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