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The world of Jenny Mac

For the past 8 and a half years; trying to come up with a story for Jenny Mac has been a struggle, so while on hiatus I sat down and really began to think about things that bothered me, disgusted me, annoyed me, and infuriated me. Most of which I found to be present in my life at one time or another.

The things I’ve seen, experienced, witnessed, and lived through have made me stronger but they have also given me something to put into my book. As I’ve heard so many times from random people, bloggers, and authors, “It is best to write about things you know about.” The things I knew about have revolved around; drugs, alcohol, homeless, abuse. It was something that I thought would be far too depressing to actually put into a story but then I realized that it all depends upon how you look at these experiences. Sometimes pain like I just listed above can give you the right inspiration and writing about it can be a healthy release; which is why I also write songs but I digress.

What the world of Jenny Mac will revolve around is wanting to change, peace, the loss of peace, pain and suffering, and banning together during a time of great darkness and trouble. I am convinced that this will make an intriguing story, now I just have to write it down. Only joking of course that process began a while back. As of right now I’m just trying to really research, dig deep, and get the characters, story world all set up.

The youtube video below revolves around those ideas, and is what I hope will provide you writers out there with inspiration.