New Year… New Goals

Hey all,

Hope you all had a Happy New Year and that 2017 proves to be a great year for you.

I’ve been meaning to get back into blogging recently, however I’ve found myself too distracted lately. The good news however, is that these distractions have all been positive ones, which gives me hope that 2017 will prove to be a good year.

First off I do indeed have some New Year’s resolutions, however I’m trying to side step the word Resolutions, because it always seems like the word is setting you up to either instantly, or eventually fail. Instead I’m calling them my New year’s Goals.

  1. Write, write, write!

I am a well known procrastinator, especially if I’m blocked, so this year. I’ve set up weekly writing goals. I started, off so far, writing 4 days a week, writing at least 650 words a day. I am completely ecstatic to report, in the first week, I only got stuck at 452 words once, the rest came in at 650 or higher.

As time goes on, I’m hoping to write 5 days a week, and eventually work up to an output of 1,000 words per writing session. In the first week, I wrote 12 pages, and had a grand total of 4,452 word written. It’s amazing what I can get done, when I apply myself.

2. Finish a book.

Right now I have two different iron’s in the fire. One being Jenny Mac, and the other being the untitled piece that you’ve seen little pieces of. Given that Jenny Mac, still isn’t fully, formed story line wise, amongst other things. I doubt that this book will be fully done within the year, maybe a draft or two. Still it’s not something that I want to rush through.

However the untitled piece is actually taking form and now, officially has a working title. Drum roll… From untitled to First Sight.

First Sight, is different in comparison to anything I’ve worked on. It is a coming of age Romance, revolving around two teenage girls, discovering they’ve fallen in love. While trying to cope with school, their home lives and eventually the coming out process. The idea stemmed from my love of Nicolas Sparks novels, and my bewilderment that the only other lesbian book that I could find, that wasn’t smut was, Fried Green Tomatoes. So if this book works out, it’ll be something for Lesbians, or for those who like Romance books.

3. Blog!

On top of the writing goals, I’m going to try to blog more often, as well as stopping by your own blogs more often. Which I need to get a better handle on.

Finally two goals that don’t revolve around writing and they are as follows…

4. Eat better.


5. Hit the gym

With any luck by the end of this year I will have, written First Sight, gotten a couple of drafts into Jenny Mac, blogged a ton, lost a few pounds, and will look fitter than I have in over a year or so.

With that being said what are some of your New Year’s Goals? and How do you like the idea of First Sight?


Happy Holidays 

Hey all, 

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

I hope that yours  was spent surrounded by loved ones, enjoying the holiday.

Merry Christmas,


Story in the works

I know that I haven’t been around much lately, but it looks as though my family and I are gearing up to have one crazy busy summer. Even though it’s not technically summer yet, but regardless things have been and are going to continue to be hectic. We’ve got relatives here so it hasn’t allowed for much time to sit down and write a blog post, nor to post any new short stories or songs. However you will be happy to discover that I have one story in the works, although I don’t know when I will be posting it, I am hoping for soon but don’t quote me on that.

It does feel good to be writing a blog post, I think this is my third post this month; which is a tad bit unusual for me. But at least I’m letting you know why and you won’t assume that I am MIA. I’ll try to post as well as read your blogs as often as possible even if it’s just to say hello, however for now I’d best be posting and going.

I’ll see you all soon,


Belated Celebrations!

I am so glad that I’m actually sitting down to write a post, it’s been awhile. First off I’d like to wish everyone a Happy belated Easter, my apologizes for not doing so yesterday; things got a bit hectic. My family and I actually had a lovely Easter Sunday; which is not to say that we haven’t in previous years, but this year was wonderful. We enjoyed the company of family friends and had loads of delicious food; (which I’ve probably gone up 2 pant sizes from indulging in,) but hey it was a holiday and I could always work it off. Yes the holiday was great, but today I’m celebrating something very close to my heart, which is also a belated celebration, but a celebration nonetheless.

3 Year Anniversary Achievement

As of April 4th 2015 I have officially been apart of the WordPress community for three years. Whoa! There was a time where I wondered whether or not I’d last one, but three years, 1,095 days. So crazy. I’d just like to thank all of you, those of you who read my blog, (especially those who read almost every post.) Those who have lent a hand of helpful writing advice, those who comment and press the Like button. To those who subscribe (Special discounts for members who have followed two years or more!) But also thanks to the amazing blogs and bloggers that I’ve gotten to know and love; you guys are the best inspiration.

Here’s to another year in blogging.

A single Resolution

New year’s resolutions, (show of hands who despises this tradition?) Although I dislike the tradition, I usually like to do at least one resolution a year. I feel that doing a single resolution, rather than a lengthy list of them, will give you a better chance at actually seeing your goals through. Typically for most the resolutions the train derails from the track somewhere between February and March and you forget all about them until next New Year’s.

Yes I do realize that I am a tad bit late to board the resolutions train, but luckily for me it makes extra stops in Worcester and Providence.

This year, I wanted to address an issue that I’ve been having, which revolves around my blogging. Now for all intensive purposes I can say that I have been blogging; however I am guilty of not putting my heart into it as I have in the past. I brought up this issue in late 2014 because for the past year I felt that my blogging has hit a bit of a dry spell. After two years at that point I think that it is only a natural occurrence; because you get tired or bored, or sometimes even both.

For my third year I do not want to be bored with blogging, nor do I want you my readers to be bored with my writing, and let’s face it if I were to let this dry spell to continue into this year, you might just stop reading, and possibly following, and I can’t have that.

Number 1 Because I am a writer

Number 2 Because it is my duty as a writer to entertain you and to keep you hooked

Number 3 Because I am an artistic, creative person and, IF I CANNOT BE CREATIVE ON MY BLOG THEN WTF!

I am proud to say that my creativity came back into play a little bit before New Year’s; some of you might have noticed that I started posting Short Story bits on the blog, and that I just posted one the other day. The short stories are the purpose of this post and the Harry Potter quote above will hopefully help emphasize my point to this post.

“The things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.” 

Last year as some of you know, I decided to walk away from my YA book series Jenny Mac, because I had completely lost my will to write the story and I had absolutely no direction, and I’m going to be honest I still have no idea what I’m doing or where Jenny Mac is going, but I would like to at least wet my feet a bit, so I began writing up these Jenny Mac short story pieces. I figure that I can try to work out the issues I’ve been having and also give you amazing Jenny Mac fans out there something to chew on; because I know that a few of you were pretty upset that I walked away and pursued other kinds of writing aka Dreamer; (which I’m still going to continue to write.) However I’ve been wanting to do something Jenny Mac wise and now I think I have found a solution that will make everybody happy, and to those of you who stuck around and who have been so patient, I appreciate it.

Well I think that about wraps up my New Year’s resolution stuff, I have a feeling that 2015 will be a good year in writing. 🙂

The 2014 Jenny Mac Book Blog review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,100 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Christmas 2014

Well this Christmas was definitely a lovely one, that’ll go down in the old memory book.

I created this tasty little concoction

IMG_0738 IMG_0741 IMG_0742 IMG_0743

It’s a different quiche that I decided to try out and I was inspired by my aunt, who last year sent me this recipe for a southwestern quiche. So I wanted to go a step further and create this Mexican style quiche; unfortunately my family is now hooked and has already requested that I make it on Easter Sunday and each of their Birthdays. 😉

If you’re interested in the recipe it’s a pretty easy one.

Mexican quiche recipe

1/12 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese

3 Tablespoons flour

1 package of Mexican pork sausage

1 finely chopped Onion and 1 finely chopped green pepper (sautéed)

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 can of pinto beans

2 eggs

2 spoonfuls of queso dip

1 cup of half n half

Cook pinto beans in skillet (Add taco seasoning if desired.)

Mix 1-1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese, with 3 tablespoons of flour, and spread over the pie crust. Pour cooked pinto beans over cheddar cheese, along with sautéed pepper and onion.

Combine 2 eggs, 1 cup half n half, and 2 spoonfuls of queso dip, and mix in Mexican pork sausage, and diced tomatoes.

Preheat oven to 350 and bake for 50 to 60 minutes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I also received some nice gifts and this is one of my favorites so far, thanks Aunt Patty. 🙂


The art of racing in the rain is a pretty good read thus far. If you’ve ever wanted to get inside the mind of a canine then I would recommend taking a look at this book, especially if you’re a doggy lover like myself. And speaking of doggies take a gander at this little bundle of Christmas spirit.

IMG_0748 IMG_0749

Buddy you look so adorable ❤

Well that about wraps up my Christmas… Oh wait I almost forgot, Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope that your Christmas was wonderful and just as memorable. 😀