The Night Show with Jerry Nicks

(The stage lights brighten and the Jazz band, to the far left of the stage begin to play a bit of smooth jazz, as Jerry Nicks enters the stage, and steps onto his mark, with the spotlight shining on him.) I watch from the monitor backstage, sweating nervously, awaiting to go on. He grins widely, … Continue reading The Night Show with Jerry Nicks

A feeling more powerful than emotion

The rain shower had only lasted a few minutes, which was often the case in Rucester, and as Jenny brought her sport’s bag down from over her head; she was reminded of a saying that her parents always told her. “If you don’t like the weather in Rucester, wait about fifteen minutes.” She was glad … Continue reading A feeling more powerful than emotion

The slide into home

Jenny was having vivid flashbacks about the softball game as she walked home; lugging her sport’s bag filled with her dirty Tenton Tigers uniform, smelly cleats, her lucky mitt, and her sliding shorts. She could still hear the crowd screaming as she rounded third, her coach had given her the stop sign as she’d approached … Continue reading The slide into home

The first Batter

It is an overcast afternoon with a chill in the autumn air as a crowd of fans take their seats in the bleachers, and the opposing team begins their warm ups. In the locker-room the Tenton Tigers are putting on their uniforms. The captain finishes tying her cleats, and pulls her socks up to her … Continue reading The first Batter