A love that matters

Your sleeping body wrapped around me so tightly.
You exhale and with that your breath tickles against my earlobe.
Our hands intertwine under the covers, in the early morning hours, and we find that our souls mate together.
A connection which brings us one step closer to true love’s intoxicating power.
I love the way you hold me, so firm and yet so gentle.
Never has a woman’s touch felt so incredible.
While in your arms I am at my most vulnerable, but you make my world feel safe and secure, that I actually find myself sleeping more soundly than ever before.
A kind of quality that only you could possess.
You are the perfect combination of passion and pleasure.
I’ll always remember that our love is a rare find, and that you’re someone special.
You fulfill every single one of my desires.
Babe with you I will never crave a taste of the finer things, nor could I ever crave the love of another.
Simply because my love, our is what truly matters.


Ode to my Triplex

Dearest triplex I can’t wait to own you, to get to know, but most of all I cannot wait to customize you.

To give each of your rooms a splash of color, to smell the smells of fresh paint.

Shaping each room to meet its fullest potential.

Cosmetically remodeling your bathrooms, giving each of your bathtubs, sinks, and tiles a new sparkle.

Removing all of your dated kitchen cabinetry and replacing them with modern unfinished beauties.

I can already see your kitchen appliances shimmering, fitting in perfectly with the new cabinetry.

Oh how I can not wait to start building you up and to give you all that is needed to shine as if you’re a newly built beauty, and with closing day a mere 9 days away; I pack my things up patiently.

Awaiting for the deed, the keys, and the paperwork, soon it’ll be a matter of signing at the x then you’ll officially be my first property.

The odds

I’m standing on a threshold, holding my breath as I prepare to dive into the unknown, and although I know that life is uncertain, I know just as well that it’s impossible to predict one moment to the next.

But I do know this to be true and to be certain, life has taught me many lessons, so therefore for the most part I know which roads to which I can venture down and which ones to avoid altogether.

I’ve been through hell and back, survived loads of different weather, and have still managed to keep my sense of humor in tact.

I’ve gone hungry, I gave charitably as often as I could, I’ve treated friends like family, and my family… Well they’re family, and family is family.

I’ve overcome great obstacles, which some would consider impossible odds, and I’ve been giggle and mocked for chasing my dreams, and have been told many times over that I won’t get far.

But I simply look at the naysayers, roll my eyes, and shake them off, for I know what I want out of life; which will always leave me thirsty for more.

I’ve been belittled, I’ve been taunted and pushed, and as I think back on those experiences now I stop and I smile, for I have fought my way through a huge battle, and I’m stronger now than when the battle began.

I am an underdog and I am a champion.

Poetic love and poetic justice

I come from a country where all people are created equal, and today same sex love has been declared equal.

So I jump up and down shouting hooray, while posting my excitement on Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Today is an historic day and it is one that I will surely remember.

For now love is love and all couples are offically considered equal

Poetry of the writer

My day starts and ends in the same place where it begins.

Here at my desk I sit with a  fresh cup of coffee in hand.

I turn on my laptop with a push of a button, and proceed to to wake up my brain with a read through my favorite blogs.

Book must, Paula acton, along with the ever popular I didn’t have my glasses on, can always be counted upon.

After a delightful mental warm up, I move on to the important stuff.

With a click of a word doc I immerse myself into a world where writing, fighting, preserving, and the art of trying holds the to key to surviving, for young Rebecca Reilly.

I type and I type, and I type some more till I’ve reached that critical juncture.

I’ve either just written one thousand words, or I have just completed a chapter.

Either way it is considered to be, not a bad day worth of work for this aspiring writer.

Top it off with a blog post of my own and I remain one happy writer, and so I end my day in the same place where I began.

Sitting at my desk with a keyboard under my hands.