Sexyfied (Hook) – SoundCloud

I wanted to post this hook that I’ve had stuck in my head. I’ve been trying to come up with a song to go with it, but have had no success.

I hope you like the hook, maybe there will be a song to go with it soon.

Listen to Sexyfied (Hook) by Sea


Most inspiring musicians

I love music in every form, I love the power a single song can have when you hear it; be for the first time or for the millionth. There are so many amazing musicians past and present who have a gift, nay an ability to take you on a journey every time you play one of their records. These incredibly talented people have inspired me time and time again, and I’d like to kick off this post with one of my favorites.

Elvis, the creator of Rock n’ Roll, whose music will always be loved. I remember hearing That’s alright mama for the first time and thinking, yes I can understand why this man exploded in the 50’s. His mix of country and R&B created a brand new genre, that would go on to inspire the first official rock band The Beatles. His music broke down the doors and other artists would go on to intensify rock.

A short list,

The Beatles

The Beach Boys



Guns n’ Roses 

Such awesome bands with amazing styles all of their own and were responsible for moving rock music in different directions. Continuing with rock but slipping into the the punk category a few bands/artists jump to mind.

Billy Idol, broke through with punk originally with Generation X, however cranked it up when he embarked on his solo career. Other great punk artists include Green Day and Simple Plan. Moving onto one of my personal favorite genres Pop.

One of the most undeniable pop music sensations is the one and only Micheal Jackson, since The Jackson 5 he was an unstoppable force and has inspired many in both Pop and R&B. Not to mention he was responsible for one other the most successful albums of all time Thriller. I love the man for his creativity, his songwriting, and his rhythm. In the 90’s pop took an interesting turn, you had Britney Spears, along with two of the most popular boy bands N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys. The mix of these artists spun pop music into a new direction, particularly Britney and N’Sync. Then came Justin Timberlake who has brought a lot to the table over the past 12 years. When you step from the 90’s/2000’s era into today’s pop music scene we have, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, Jesse McCartney, Kelly Clarkson (who did pop up in the early 2000’s but is still bringing it.)

To finish off this post I want to include two of my hero/heroine’s.

Elton John, his music is all inspiring but perhaps what’s the most inspiring for me is his being open about his sexuality, during a time when it was less than encouraged.

Of course one of the strongest female entertainers who blazed the trail for future female pop artists, Cher. 

These artist have encouraged us, and still inspires us, through their music, and through their willingness and backbone. For this we’re grateful.