Hey all,

I hope your holidays were happy, and that you were able to spend the season with loved ones. Mine was a nice, I spent most of Christmas Eve cooking, and then spent Christmas Day with my family, enjoying holiday movies.

I wanted to squeeze in this post before the holidays, but never got around to it. I’m not sure what lead me to writing this post. What I can tell you is that this post began with me jotting down random lines, and then it transformed into… Well I suppose I could call this an introduction to my fictional universe.


Too tired to see straight.

Too tired to think straight.

Can’t even write great.

Fuck trying to freeze frame, and drop the pen at a satisfied place. Cause at this pace I’m in it for the chase. I can’t quit this race till I know happens, though I can’t even tell ya if the heroine escapes.

 Or if every vision is worth the headache, induced by the chase. In a world where every piece of information obtained, is a fight to keep humanity safe.

 Look, I started this book, with single idea that turned into a vision. With ten years’ worth of revisions, but I’m on a mission.

No lie, if I play my cards right these visionary ideas will connect, and lead you through a psychological mind fuck.

 Add a bit of political gain for flavor, and I can guarantee you’ll want to savor every word till you reach the end of that last page.

That last sentence, is still a distant daydream, I can’t even see it on the horizon.

 But that’s not important.

Right now, I’ve got bigger fish to fry, like my antagonist battle cry.

Hold up.

 Now, where am I?

 Oh yeah, my head’s up in the sky. Cause I’m caught up in a fictional universe.

Where global warming is not only nonexistent, but it’s been reversed.

 Walking in a world where, nobody passes judgement, on the complexion of your pigment. Where no one spits on your religion, or your sexual orientation, or gender transition.

Where women are considered equal to men.

To humanitarian’s discrimination is frowned upon, chiming equality for everyone.

I’m surrounded by futuristic gadgetry, in a world where world peace isn’t just a hopeful dream it’s actually achieved.

 However, this warning I will deliver. What does good for humanity and the planet will always seek to be destroyed by the far-right conservatives, and one man’s promises to make the rich richer.

But my antagonist has got a hidden agenda.

That last line might seem wrongfully placed, but read between the lines, and you’ll understand what I’ve got in mind.

Get it? Oh well onto the next line.

The far-right push for a leader who can make this world better suited for them. A plan they should’ve seriously reconsidered. Cause, their man is planning an assault on the humanitarians who made this world a safe environment.

Far right brace yourselves, cause another world war is about to begin.

This is where Jenny and the WIA step in.

Rule, in every way looks posed to win the battle, but in actuality they might lose the war.

They’ll be in for a rude awakening, when the rest of humanity gets into traction.

They’ll jump into action, fighting for everything the UN’s worked so hard to build and maintain.

For this world is their salvation, and world peace is their proudest achievement to date.

Hash tag fuck JLJ.


Worldly views

I think what I find most exciting about Jenny’s world, is the difference in technological advances, as well as their views at protecting the planet from global warming.

Unlike the U.S. views in the 1950’s to the present, on the issue of global warming. Jenny’s world actually does see global warming as a real threat and they take action to prevent further damage.

By 2010 in Jenny’s world gas powered cars, oil heating, gas heating, and even electric companies, and nuclear plants, have become a thing of the past. Instead they’re using solar energy as a main source of their power, along with other natural energy sources. Because of these changes it’s become rare to see droughts, forest fires, animal extinction, and pollution levels rising. If only we took this threat seriously when the evidence first arose.

It’s so amazing to see how differently people act when world peace is actually possible/obtainable. It sort of like we’ve taken all of the stupidity out of society, and by so doing were able to reach new heights of intellect. As a matter of fact that is probably what would happen if society weren’t split into the two party system, and we managed to make decisions together as well… Not only as a nation but as human beings.

The world of Jenny Mac

It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of Jenny Mac post. The main reason for that is because I think that the story has so much potential, and that I might accidentally give too much away.

However, I want to keep everyone in the loop or rather keep you wanting/needing to know more. So as carefully as I can manage, I’m going to introduce you to her world.


One of my biggest influences for this story has been the 2016 Presidential Election, amongst others would be, WW2, The Civil Rights movement, as well as the assassination of JFK. It’s these combining factors of these events that I began to dive head first, into Jenny’s world.  With this in mind, I’d like to throw a few questions at you…

What if world peace were possible?

Could it remain at peace, or would evil forces destroy it?

How would humanity cope?

What would the world turn in to?

And… Could world peace be salvaged?

These questions are all still bouncing around in my head, along with a billion others, but the question that had been popping up the most was… What if world peace were possible? That was a question that took me a while to wrap my head around, because after all, how would something as wonderful as that come to be? Then like the most interesting ideas tend to do, it hit me (with the force of a freight train.) It would have to be an organization whose sole purpose is to better humanity. I don’t want to give you the name of the organization, but I’m sure that you could pinpoint the organization of which I am referring. It is from this organization that my own little organization is born, the WIA aka the World Investigation Agency. Their job is to help end fighting. This could stem from a dispute between a country’s government and their citizens, to arguments pertaining to or have the possibility to lead to  war. If my protagonist group can aid humanity in settling their difference, then in the book they may actually have a shot at world peace.

If world peace did prove to be a successful venture, then could it be taken away? In fiction there’s a rule, if something good comes up, then it must come down. If we didn’t have this rule, then there would no story. In any good or halfway decent story you want to see struggle, destruction, or the end to an era. If only to hope that the person, organization or what have you, can come back out on top. If world peace did occur, I could think of nothing better to destroy it than good old fashioned politics. My antagonist Joseph sees the world functioning in a different format, that could very well lead to the destruction of humanity.

What would the world/humanity transform into? I think if the antagonist were successful at carrying out his agenda, then the world might resemble a bit of the world we’re currently living in. Because if world peace were lost, then the trust and belief in humanity would be lost, so you’d wind up with loads of chaotic disasters, and people living in fear.

Could world peace be salvaged? This would depend upon whether the human race could pull themselves up and dust themselves off, and show that fighting spirit.

I know that there’s one other question that is undoubtedly floating around in your mind, and that would be, where would Jenny Mac mix in with all of this? Well that’s something that you would have to read to find out. Whenever I actually manage to finish the book and get it published that is.


Not entirely sure

I’ve been stuck on this scene for what feels like a month, except it’s probably been more along the lines of three weeks. Today however, I forced myself to sit-down to attempt to, at least figure out where the damn thing’s headed, and – well I can at least say it has the potential to go in a direction now. Though I’m still unsure of the direction it’s heading in.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I thought I’d let you guys take a look at the scene, perhaps to show that Jenny is actually a WIP, and not just all kinds of talk. Either way here ya go…


Once the picture below was fully developed she realized that this place was somewhere she had never before ventured, gooseflesh appeared on her forearms, she noted the strangeness of the gooseflesh, for she was feeling the complete opposite of cold, in fact she could feel the sunlight burning at her face as if she were walking in a desert. But the location was the furthest thing from desert.

Her feet landed on steady, stable, ground, but what she saw in front of her looked the furthest from stability. A New England style dwelling that looked as if it had been built during Lincoln’s era, stood before her. The house looked as though it had weathered through one too many natural disaster; in fact, how the thing seemed to still be standing fascinated Jenny. The front porch looked like it been roughed up by a tornado passing through. The porch swayed to the left and the beams that were barely holding the porch up, were deeply cracked, and they stretched from the middle of the beam to the porch’s roof. There were four windows above the decrepit porch, two on the left and two on the right. The windows look like they’d suffered the same fate as the porch, for each of them looked to have snarled webs of cracks which stretched from top to bottom. In the center of the house, between the two sets of windows, there was, no surprise to her, a small hole exposed. Revealing an interior wall of the house, that actually looked to be in tract. She had half expected at the very least to see more deep cracks, or possibly even another hole. Stretching so deep into the interior, that all that could have been seen was the dark, vastness, of the hole. But there was something else about the building, the house didn’t look sad, like most older houses (which had seen their best days thirty something years ago.) This house looked – proud. The moment that thought, ran across her mind she realized how ridiculous it sounded, but it was believably true. The house looked proud and creepy, almost as if, it knew things. Now this thought sounded even worse than the previous one, but …

She looked up again, at the decrepit house with the swaying porch, and at the cracked windows. The house was proud, in a creepily, evil sort of manner. Why it even – it has the face to prove it. The swaying porch is the thing’s mouth, the cracked windows its eyes, and the strange hole in-between the two sets of windows could be considered its nose.

Jenny felt a sudden tingle of a shiver run up her spine, followed by the appearance of gooseflesh on her forehead. Then a burning sensation in her ears as a whisper barely audible at first, rang into the sharp, clarity, of an older lady’s voice. “Come in Jenny, come in and see the secrets I’ve held. Come see how I’m still standing. I know you’re curious, you’re not the first. Come in, the fireplace is roaring, and my couches are quite comfortable. So why don’t you take a load off, and rest your weary head.”


Book Form

This may seem a bit strange, but believe it or not, until yesterday Jenny Mac did not have a first Chapter. Up until yesterday I had nothing but fragments of a sort of blueprint for the first chapter.

Now that it’s transformed into a completed first chapter I’m satisfied – well as satisfied as it is possible to be in the first draft. I dug a bit into Jenny’s life and some of the events that lead her up to this point in her life. As well as this awesome dream sequence in the beginning to get the reader’s blood pumping.

I’m so excited, this story is actually making it’s transition into the form of a book, and not only do I now have a prologue and three chapters, but I also noticed this little detail over the weekend.

Jenny Mac milestoneI’ve officially reached 10,000 words. I feel like once you hit that all important book writing milestone, you’ve instilled in yourself this sense of security.

I’ve been so nervous because since September I’ve had all of these ideas for the book, and I was unsure if they’d make sense, work out, or be able to manage the all important task of moving the story itself forward.

Now I feel like I’ve worked and dug my way into this groove that might just work out in a positive way for me. It feels so go to be 10,000 words in, and I can’t wait to see where this story will lead me.

A prologue, three chapters, and over 10,000 words I’m so pumped up and happy. 🙂 Bring on whatever challenges that may present themselves in the writing process.


Post holiday (Pressure)

Hey all,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I can say with the utmost joy that my family and experienced one of the best Christmases that we’ve had in a long while; being in the new house to spend the holiday together made the season even more special. If I did have one wish it would’ve been that we’d been able to share it with our family and friends, but at least we had each other, and that’s something.

I find myself wanting to get back into writing now that the holiday madness is thru, however this afternoon when I went to continue on with Jenny Mac I found myself hanging around the wall once again. I think when it comes to re-writing this story the thing that I’ve found most difficult thus far is not knowing. When I started working around with ideas for Jenny I mainly worked on backstory for Joseph, the WIA, and the whole universe that the story’s geographical points revolve around, which isn’t a bad place to start. At this moment however- I find myself yearning to know where exactly this story is headed, because at this point there’s this crucial moment in the story where the book could go in one of two directions. A. It take a left at the fork in the road and get lost, so lost that I might find myself doubting why in the hell I started up with this story again, or B. It could take a right at the fork and get to it’s proper destination without incident. If I were to take the left I just hope that I’ll catch the error made before it goes too far. Then again based on how anal I’ve been and am being with the story so far the left turn might already have a barricade up.

I feel that if I continue to keep the pressure on it can only benefit me, as Mr Stephen King has pointed out in his memoir On writing. It’s better to keep going and to keep the pressure on otherwise you might lose track of the story all together. So I guess a bit of pressure never hurt anybody and if their were anybody out there who needed to keep the pressure on it’s a writer.

So let there be pressure as I attempt to press on once more.

Will Jenny come to Brenda’s aid?

I’ve just finished writing Jenny for the day and have this bit of dialogue from her Godmother Brenda that I wanted to share, though I am not particularly sure why. I think it might be because I’ve been struggling to get to this point in the book for a couple of days, and now that I’ve worked my way past the writer’s block, I feel as though I’ve reached a crucial point in the beginning stages of the story. So here you go.

“What you have to understand is that at the time that Joseph rose to power, some people didn’t have a choice regarding whether or not they wanted to join Joseph’s army. Those who had been forced or brainwashed we helped to the best of our abilities and the loyal followers we destroyed. However some of those who pleaded their innocence, we have just recently come to learn were lying. But the point that I’ve been trying to reach is that, we think that Joseph may be very much alive, and we think that he might be on the move. The reason that I came here this morning is because if he is indeed on the move then we’re going to need your help Jenny.”