The flooring overhaul

I know that I've discussed my plans to re-do my office floor, which I'm still doing by the way. However I've found that when it comes to certain home improvement projects, you'll find yourself doing more than you ever expected, and flooring falls under that category. In this post I'm probably going to sound a … Continue reading The flooring overhaul

So much I wanna say, yet so little time

I want to start this post with something positive, well at least positive for me and all of my friends out in Colorado. I'm so happy that the Broncos are their way to Super Bowl 50. (A quick side note:) I have friends and relatives that reside out here in Mass, so out of respect … Continue reading So much I wanna say, yet so little time

Can’t sleep so I’ll just blog!

Tonight I'm walking a fine line between wanting desperately to fall asleep, and too damn tired and too damn sore to actually do so. Why am I so sore and so tired you ask? Well today I helped my sister rip up this ghastly indoor/outdoor carpeting in her apartment, to expose these beautiful hardwood floors. … Continue reading Can’t sleep so I’ll just blog!

Home Improvements (Refinishing kitchen cabinetry)

Well I'm finally settled into my new house and that means that the home improvements can officially begin. Although technically, they sort of got started as we were moving in, but now they actually stand a chance at being completed because now I have no major distractions. The first project some of you might have … Continue reading Home Improvements (Refinishing kitchen cabinetry)