Short and sweet

This post is going to be short, A because I’ve had a long day and B because I think what I’m about to say sums up how I’m feeling in a nutshell.

Tonight Dreamer reached a tad bit over 40,000 words. YAY! I am so happy and excited, only 20,000 more words to go before I reach N-O-V-E-L length. After this past week this couldn’t have happened at a better time, this has completely lifted my spirits.

YES! 40,000 words, OH YEAH!

An idea that will see my story through to the finish line

Oy! I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I last wrote a blog post. My apologies to those out there in the blogging universe, things have been a bit crazy lately; my landlord decided to put the lovely apartment house up for sale. I’ve had quite a bit of Realtors/potential buyers popping over within the last week, and have three more looksees scheduled for tomorrow.

Any who, I’ve been wanting to talk about this since, Thursday night, I believe.

With any new story that an author begins to write only two ideas are somewhat certain, and they are, the beginning and the end; what comes in-between those first two ideas is a lot of experimentation with many different ideas. Some ideas are great because they’re usually those that are great contributions to the story that helps the writer to get from point to point. Some ideas however, can range from a stupid idea to, Oh good God what the heck was I thinking when I came up with this idea? Throughout my journey while writing Dreamer, I have come across this feeling at least a few times.

But Thursday night, Thursday night was something else, something magical; during that night I’m certain that I came up with a second piece to the ending; which just builds around the story itself so nicely and I am so proud. Tonight I can indeed say with the most certainty, that I have the rest of my story mapped out, it’s almost as if I have the blueprints sitting right in front of me. To have that map serving as a guide for you is so awesome, it feels as though all barriers have been unblocked and you’re free to climb to new heights. Oh how I love the somewhat scientific experimental process that come along with being a writer; it makes the problem solving so much fun.

Introducing Aunt Rebecca Katherine Reilly-Montcash

Now that I’ve gotten passed the holiday lovey-dovey section of Dreamer’s current chapter, I now have an introduction to make with a very influential person who’ll be coming into Rebecca’s life. This is also a challenge because Aunt Rebecca Katherine Reilly-Montcash fits the bill perfectly as a complex character, so I feel that I have to go about this intro very carefully. The biggest issue that I’m having a problem with, is her attitude. I feel that in a sense she should come off as a bit closed off and sort of cold, but also has this warmth within her that Rebecca will be able to pick up on.

I do feel however that when a long-lost aunt unexpectedly pops into your life, that it should be be extremely confusing and conflicting for my main character; which would compel Rebecca to instantly distrust this woman. Oh what to do, what to do?

You know I always felt that this introduction would be the easiest intro that I would make in this book but it has definitely turned out to be the most difficult; on the flip side of the coin I should’ve known that this would prove to be the most difficult introduction that I would make. Take my advice if you’re writing a book that semi autobiographical, you may want to really sit down and think about just exactly what you want to come out of this story and just how much of your own life you want to include within the book’s pages.

I have thought this over for the record, it’s just a bitch to get it down in that correct manner that I want to go about it. Your ideas are one thing, but writing them down is an entirely different experience.

Must write

Well it’s Wednesday night and I’m current kicking myself in the seat of the pants. I have not opened my Dreamer Word Doc since Friday night, ooh boy. I could blame my lack of story writing on a several things; it was a three-day weekend, I’ve been a tad under the weather lately, like any writer I’m a natural-born procrastinator, or I’ve been preoccupied for the past few days.

They’re all pretty decent excuses, but they’re excuses none the less and there is absolutely no excuse to keep myself away from my work for this amount of time, unless I’m on vacation but alas I am not. Though I will say I am very proud of the amount of writing that I accomplished on Friday night; 1,118 words and around six pages, I do believe it was. I’m very proud of myself because usually on a good day of writing I’ll reach say somewhere around 950 words, of course if it’s a bad day it’s somewhere around 400 words, but I digress.

This was indeed a pretty wonderful accomplishment for me and I hope that same magic could strike again soon; well it’s back to the world of Dreamer and all of Rebecca Reilly’s mountain scaling.

The Christmas chapter

Christmas the word instantly reminds us of joy, peace, love, and holiday sweets. However 9 times out of 10 in a book Christmas Day is known as disastrous; either it doesn’t go as the character plans, or some major event occurs that puts a damper on what should be a truly blessed and joyous day.

I’ve been struggling with how I want my Christmas chapter to turnout; on one hand I would really like to see Rebecca truly experience the magic that is Christmas, but on the other hand what’s a Christmas chapter without a little mayhem? Perhaps I can find an equal measure of both magic and mayhem; because I know that the Christmas chapter has to open up this new layer of plot that leads Rebecca down a twisted and confusing path; which will ultimately test her character. The issue of course is how to go about it? Perhaps since it is Christmas I could deploy the old Christmas miracle bit to introduce a new character into Rebecca’s life who eventually does lead her down this complicated path. Hmm, this actually sounds like it could solve my problem, hopefully without it coming off in some corny way.

I think that I can make this work in someway and actually make it sound believable, though I should probably draw up some notes to ensure that it plays out in the correct form.


I debated on whether or not I should post this, but thought today would be a good day for Dreamer, so here you are.

While on the bus a feeling came over Rebecca that she hated to get; she felt that she was forgetting something, but what was it? She went down a list of things that she might be forgetting; a homework assignment, to study for a final exam, read through a textbook. A textbook that was what she was forgetting. Where’d I leave it? She thought; my locker, backpack, Mandy’s room?


“What’s wrong?”

“I have to return my Astronomy textbook into Mr Beaks tomorrow.”

“So what’s the big deal about that?”

“I left it at my parents’ house.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes remember, I would always borrow yours because I didn’t want to have to go back there until it was absolutely necessary.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot.”

“We have to make a side trip to Mount Shadow.”

“Alright, but I want you to promise me something right now.”

“Okay what?”

“No matter what happens you will not get into a terrible fight with them, like you did the last time we were over there.”

“Alright,” Rebecca raised her right hand. “I promise.”

Why couldn’t I have just kept the dang book in my locker? Why’d I always leave it at their house?

From the moment Mr Beaks handed the Astronomy books to the class he said, “Well for some of you the only time that I will see you with this book will be today, and at the end of the semester; you will be fined otherwise.”

If Rebecca could afford to take the book fine she would’ve done so, but given her current circumstance she knew that she needed to suck it up and deal with the parental encounter.

They were dropped off at Hub Station and then took the next bus that would take them to Mount Shadow. They walked down the road towards Howlet Street quickly, completely in sync and focused on the task at hand.

Rebecca cracked open the door, checked for shoes next to the door, looked at the couch, and walked inside walking straight toward her bedroom. They weren’t surprised by her parents nor were they confronted. When Rebecca opened her bedroom door she was astonished to see that her room was left untouched, since they had cleaned up the last time they were there almost four weeks ago. She located her textbook quickly and put it into her backpack. They were about to walkout of her bedroom when a thought came to her revolving around her essay. She thinks about memorizing it, but the idea was far too important not to write down.

“Okay, you’re going to think that I am completely insane but I have an idea for my essays that I need to get down.”

“What no, Becks just memorize it and then type it up later.”

“I can’t it’s too important, look I don’t think that they’re here, there’s no shoes next to the door and the house is completely silent, it’ll only take a minute.”

“Okay, but you’d better make this fast.”

“I will.” Rebecca sat down at her desk and pulled out her laptop. She clicked on the essay word doc and typed as quickly as she possibly could, and then saved the document. “Finished,” she said, as she closed the laptop.”

Rebecca bent down to grab her backpack when spotted something from out of the corner of her eye. “Shit!” Her face froze into a horrified state.

“What?” Mandy exclaimed.

Jacob stood in her doorway with a menacing expression sprawled across his face. His lips curled, his left eyebrow was hoisted up his forehead, and eyes were gleaming. He looked as though he had plans of torturous proportion as Rebecca read face, wondering what he wanted from her.

“So back again are you?”

“Yes, for the moment,” Rebecca said coldly, hissing out each word.

“So why are you here now?” he asked. “Because I thought that I left you a pretty precise message the last time you’d come here, with that lesbo,” he announced smugly.

Rebecca brushed off his comment, keeping in mind Mandy’s request to not start a fight with him.

“I see that your nose has healed up nicely.”

“Had to pop it back into place last time but, I reckon it still looks pretty good.”

Rebecca examined Jacob’s nose and thought; it would’ve probably looked a hell of a lot better if he’d left it alone; because the bridge of his nose looks larger than it should be.

“What ya come to get?” he asked coolly.

“A textbook.”

“Is that right,” he arched his head. “Well that don’t look like a textbook to me.”

Rebecca looked in the direction where Jacob’s eyes were pointed. Yes great observation Einstein, she thought as she gritted her teeth, trying to remember her promise once more.

“No it isn’t.”

“Well then what’s that fancy looking laptop doing here?”

“It’s mine, I just needed to use it for a moment and now if you’ll excuse us Mandy and I need to get going.”

Rebecca could see Jacob’s eyes still fixated on the laptop.

“Bet ya could cash that puppy in for a pretty penny.”

Jacob entered her room and walked over to the desk.

Rebecca felt his eyes staring at the laptop, as he breathed down her neck, she pulled it from the desk, but Jacob yanked it from her hands. “Hey!”

“I could cash you in for some pretty crystals.”

Rebecca’s anger flipped on like a switch. “No, you will not hawk my laptop for drug money, you stupid bastard.”

Rebecca grabbed the laptop and struggled to take it from Jacob’s grip. “Let go of it!” she yelled.

She looked at Jacob’s face and could tell that his aggravation levels were quickly rising, he began to yank at the laptop and scream. His attitude resembled that of a five year-old child throwing a tantrum, Rebecca hated him.

His screams vibrated her eardrums, she noticed a third pair of hands join in the struggle to take control of the laptop, she looked to her side to find Mandy pulling with all of her might. His grip was weakening, she could feel it. She and Mandy gave the laptop a good tug.

The moment happened so quickly that it was over in a matter of seconds, but for Rebecca the scene dragged out, in a slow motion turn of events. She saw Jacob fall backwards and she felt herself slip backwards, with the laptop leaving both her own hands and Mandy’s, she spun around in time to hear it crash into the wall and then to see it collide with the floor.


Rebecca dropped to her knees, it was gone it had to be, what was she going to do now?

“Well there goes that plan,” she heard Jacob say.

She lept her feet and paced over to his position on the floor.

“There goes that plan!” she began to shout. “You have absolutely no idea what you’ve just done you stupid fucking meth head.” Rebecca began to breathe heavily, as if she were about to break off into sobs at any moment, as she continued with her speech. “I have worked so hard to get to this point and have waited as patiently as I possibly could, while having to deal you druggie morons. I’ve kept a 4.0 GPA since fourth grade and have done absolutely everything I can to be able to put things on my college applications. Now in one night you’ve destroyed everything that I’ve worked for.”

“Please like you would’ve actually got in anywhere, I just did you a favor sweetheart so how about showing me some gratitude. Let’s face it, you’re going to wind up just like your mom so go ahead and take a swig of cough syrup,” he laughed maniacally.

Rebecca who was now breathing heavier than before, balled her hand into a fist and once again hit Jacob’s nose, she felt and heard the sounds of bones cracking. She felt Mandy pulling her backwards. “Get your stuff and let’s go before you cause any more trouble.”

Jacob was in a ball on the floor screaming with his hands over his face. Rebecca grabbed her backpack and as turned around she saw Mandy scooping up her laptop. As they walked through the living room Rebecca caught sight of her mother lying on the couch staring them down as they approached the front door. “Rebecky,” she heard her mother call out as she shut the door behind her.

Scene revisions

Yesterday I worked on the fight scene between Rebecca and Jacob, and I really liked how the scene turned out at first. But then as I thought of where things needed to go from there on out I decided that the scene wasn’t quite what I had in mind. So it looks as though it’s time for a revise; which I think will better suit the direction that I would like the story to go in.

So here’s hoping that the revising will turn out in the way that I’m hoping it will for the rest of the story.