The boyfriend scene revision

One wonderful thing about having an audience for your blog is that you can receive great feedback about something you've posted. Remember that "A good boyfriend but a great buddy" post I put up last week? Well I got to thinking about it and decided that it wasn't at all real, so I did a … Continue reading The boyfriend scene revision

A good boyfriend but a great buddy

[Shane’s sitting on Kelsey's bed and Kelsey is sitting on her computer chair, looking down at the floor nervously.] Shane: So what’s up you wanted to talk to about something important I’m guessing? Kelsey: Yes, um you see I- I don’t really where to begin. Shane: Oh boy it one of those talks, so why … Continue reading A good boyfriend but a great buddy

Chester scene 7 part 2

[Kelsey hears her brother’s truck pull up in the driveway and she goes downstairs to greet him.] [Lester and Mom are talking as Kelsey comes downstairs.] Lester: Dinner smells great mom. Mom: Thank you honey why don’t you sit down it’ll be ready soon. [Lester sits at the kitchen island.] Lester: Am I in your … Continue reading Chester scene 7 part 2