Kay Reilly

Long before Rebecca was even thought of, Kay Reilly had a picture and and ideals in her mind as to the kind of mother she wanted to be for her child or  children. She wanted to be the mother who would always be there for her kids, the mother to raise her children properly; without any prejudices, anger, pain, or fear. Kay wanted her children to be happy in life and to pursue their dreams. To be there for every school function, bake sale, or PTA meeting.

Before any kinds of the thoughts of conception entered her mind she wanted her to find someone who could be a proper father and husband.  In 1991 Kay had found somebody to love Bradley Jackson Reilly. In Kay’s eyes he was the perfect man and a year after meeting they married. However after tying the knot the marriage slowly began to fall apart, and in late 1993 Bradley announced that he wanted to separate, but changed his mind when Kay told him that she was pregnant. Six months into the pregnancy Bradley left during the night and ran away with another woman.

Kay was devastated but for the first two years of Rebecca’s life she tried to give her everything that she needed. Since Bradley left the picture she had slowly begun to slip into depression. In 1996 Kay went off the deep end when she found out just exactly what had happened with Bradley Jackson Reilly. She fully immersed herself into drugs to escape her heartbreak, pain, and depression but at a cost. Her mother took custody of Rebecca and enrolled her into to rehab in the hopes of stopping her addictions before they consumed her. For the next five years Kay was in and out of rehab and away from her daughter unable to leave her pain behind and start fresh. May 2002 Kay was out of rehab for a while was able to keep her spirits up, stay out of trouble and get her daughter back. But when her mother died suddenly she slipped back into her old ways; which led for Rebecca to have to grow up quickly. In 2003 Rebecca went from the average 9 year old child to a 25 year old adult. She unfortunately missed out on a lot of childhood things and important milestones that would be shared between her and her family.

Pretty much Kay’s life goes from perfect ideals and goals to nothing but drugs and misery. At this point there’s no telling whether she’ll ever get out of that fog she’s in and see the light.



I just finished up with my lead character’s bio and I can’t wait to see Jenny in action. She has a lot of growing to do throughout the story, and basically you’re going to see her go from an ordinary girl to a girl who accepts the WIA and a destiny. I can’t wait to see her BIG transformation and to see how she develops throughout the series. (Even though that’s a long way off.) It’s just so exciting, the possibilities, the adrenaline rush. I love it.

I’ve got quite a few more bios to go, but I feel like once I have everything setup properly then the actual story is going to write itself.

Now it’s on to the next character Brenda Wolf, she’ll be a bit of a challenge, but a fun one.

Character Bios

This is something that I should’ve done long ago. I started working on some bios for each of my characters for my rewrite and it’s proven very helpful.

I started the bios with my toughest nut to crack Joseph Johnson; throughout the years that I’ve been working on Jenny Mac I’ve never fully been able to figure my villain out. By doing these bios I’ve really been able to clear my mind and write down almost a full bio.

If you’re a writer and you’ve never tried writing character bios before, I highly recommend giving it a whirl. I feel like I’m finally able to connect the dots with Joseph, and by the time I’m finished I’ll know him inside and out.

It’s something I need because you really shouldn’t write about a main character especially a main character villain unless you know their story.