Really America? REALLY?!

I don’t know about the rest of you intelligent Americans out there, but I’m still in shock, and am still praying like hell to find out that we made a mistake. Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate? I can see the headlines now… America’s New Reality…. Not likely, or Trump Never Happening.  Where instead of holding protests, we would rejoice in the fact that we dodged a fat orange bullet, with a blond wig. Well, on the left side anyway. The righty’s would wine like the giant fucktard babies that they are.

Really? This is who’s going to be commander and chief! And you right wing nut jobs think we’re in trouble now. As of right now I’m both scared and curious to see where in the hell our nation’s going to be in four years… I mean is it going to be worse than our economic fall in 08? Will it be a total apocalyptic horror show? Or will we show our American spirit and not allow the shit to hit the fan? I’m hoping for option C.

I’ll admit after hearing the results at little past three in the morning last week, my immediate thought was to flee to Canada. I even checked a few things out on their site, but then another thought came. That thought was, I’ve been working on this house for over a year. I’ve put all of this time and energy into restoring it, and now because this moron’s got the golden keys I’m going to runaway. What kind of logic is that? I know every country along with every world leader now officially sees us as the biggest fucking retards on the planet, but goddammit… Last year I found myself a home with loads of potential and endless possibilities, and goddammit I’m proud of it. I’m actually able to live the America dream. I’m so fucking lucky in that respect. Hell I might not ever be this fortunate again, and I almost threw in the towel.

I may not know what’s going to happen in the coming months or years, but I do know that we’ve worked hard to bring this country up to speed, and we will not just standby and let all of the progress we made digress back to the stone age. That’s not what this nation was built on.

So I’ll sign off with this… Let’s keep moving forward together.




Still with her

Hey all,

If you’re a Hillary supporter and would like to have the potential to see Tuesday’s decision to elect Trump reversed, please sign this petition.

2016 Election

I’ve never heard of or seen a Presidential Election as insane as this one has been. I never once in the beginning thought that Trump would get as far as he has, and shame on us for letting such a horrible man actually run. Not mention the fact that the man is severely unqualified for the position.

I think the words that I am most tired of hearing in this Election are… “I’m voting for Trump because he is not like all of those crooked politicians.” Those people are correct, he isn’t a politician; but he is indeed crooked. Just look at his tax records- oh that’s right we can’t; because he hasn’t filed in almost two decades. Riddle me this folks. How is this man still walking around freely? If an average lady such as myself hadn’t paid my taxes in two decades, I’d still be serving time. But because it’s rich, white, hetero,  Donald Trump he can do whatever he pleases. The way he gets by with disrespecting women also proves that. “Just locker room talk?” According to your audio footage, women should be considered your own personal sex slaves. That’s disgusting! And you want to know the scariest thing folks? In less than a month we’ll find out if we’re going to have a President Trump. If this racist, sexist, homophobic, lying, crookedly evil, man becomes President, myself along with half of my family would have to flee the US.

I’m gay, my sister’s boyfriend is of a different race, and my mother has retired on Social Security. Everything that I just listed would be hated by Trump and I can’t even imagine what the US will turn into if he wins on November 8th.

Now to turn to the Democratic side of this post, Clinton. Yes everybody hates the woman for her email, and for her first court case where she defended a pedophile (who got off way too easily.) People out there don’t trust her because of these things, some think that she should be imprisoned for the emails alone. I am not disagreeing here because what she’s done is terrible. But I will say one thing in her favor, she does have the qualifications. She was Obama’s Secretary of State, she was a former US Senator, the point here is that she knows the game, and understands how this country needs to run. As much as I despise her for the things she’s done, I cannot deny the fact that she is qualified. Perhaps if this Election had gone more of the way towards Bernie I wouldn’t be attempting to weigh the scale, but that fact remains it’s either going to be Trump or Clinton come November 8th.

Here’s a few things that I wouldn’t want to see vanish.

Marriage Equality

Obama Care

Social Security

Increase in Employment

Lower Taxes

If Trump were to get in Obama Care, Social Security, Marriage Equality and the increase in Jobs that we’ve been seeing; would be obsolete. Then we would see him increase taxes, (at least for the working class.) I don’t want to see the rich get richer, it didn’t work with Bush and it most definitely will not work with Trump.

I’m voting in this Election because I don’t want to see all of the progress Obama’s made go to waste.