First Sight Redo Intro

Yesterday, I revealed the possibilities for a new book however, I hated the way I described said book. So I kinda wanted to redo the introduction to this book idea. Which I’m hoping will serve as a duo purpose, the first to fix the intro; (which I always manage to suck at describing the first time round.)  The second purpose is a distraction, for I have the worst case of heartburn, that’s legit making me want to upchuck, all that’s missing is the gross belching. I really should look into another heartburn reliever other than Tums, because they’re so not helping in the slightest at the moment. Anyway, onto the redo intro!

Adolescence, is complicated. When you stop and think about it there are many things that can define it as such. There’s school, parental figures, teachers, popularity status, cliques, the first crush, the first date, the first kiss. Except what happens when the first crush isn’t on a boy… But a girl?

When Roxy and Lexi cross paths in the fall of 2005. It’s a friendship turned on it’s head, when an unexpected flame sparks. Rising the question, Can love truly conquer all? Can their love endure homophobic peers, a bigoted parental figure, the prospect of coming out, troubles at home, the possibility of going in separate directions?

Can young love last? Or is it doomed to leave a scar that’ll last forever?

There, wish I would’ve come up with this yesterday, and I hope that this second attempt sounds loads more interesting.


4 thoughts on “First Sight Redo Intro

  1. The only thing I think you might want to consider is who you are aiming this at and the defining a time period, the reason I say this is if you are aiming it at a YA/Adolescent market then the time frame of 2005 might not work that well, historical fiction doesn’t really have this issue but I recently read a book set in the 80’s, the time I was a teenager, I loved it, I got all the cultural references, the little things that you totally understood about being a teenager at that time but when I suggested my daughter read it she did not enjoy it, too many frames of reference meant nothing to her, the idea of life before mobiles, the internet etc and bands she had not heard of. Unless you have a specific reason for fixing your time period I think you should maybe just use a contemporary time line that was it is relateable today and in five years times, after-all the experiences you mention are just as likely to still happen today as they were back then plus you can also add in the whole cyber bullying elements in which are more prevalent now than they were 12 years ago. Just a thought anyway hope it helps

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    1. There is a reason why the year 2005 has been chosen, and the reason being is that the characters develop over the course of about a twelve year period, so that by the time the story goes around in full swing it’s 2017. I also wanted to go with a time period before marriage equality came into play, and show the gap with in the twelve year period.


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