Worldly views

I think what I find most exciting about Jenny’s world, is the difference in technological advances, as well as their views at protecting the planet from global warming.

Unlike the U.S. views in the 1950’s to the present, on the issue of global warming. Jenny’s world actually does see global warming as a real threat and they take action to prevent further damage.

By 2010 in Jenny’s world gas powered cars, oil heating, gas heating, and even electric companies, and nuclear plants, have become a thing of the past. Instead they’re using solar energy as a main source of their power, along with other natural energy sources. Because of these changes it’s become rare to see droughts, forest fires, animal extinction, and pollution levels rising. If only we took this threat seriously when the evidence first arose.

It’s so amazing to see how differently people act when world peace is actually possible/obtainable. It sort of like we’ve taken all of the stupidity out of society, and by so doing were able to reach new heights of intellect. As a matter of fact that is probably what would happen if society weren’t split into the two party system, and we managed to make decisions together as well… Not only as a nation but as human beings.


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