Bills check

I’m not entirely sure why doing a task like paying household bills excites me ??? I know half of it, has more to do with relief, like yes the water bill’s covered now onto the oil bill. Most recently it’s been the oil bills, which if you’re more from a Western state, like I am originally. You have a tendency to take advantage of the fact that your ways of heating your home are more up to date, and therefore less expensive. However if you’re an Northern East Coaster, you’re use to the idea of paying for oil services. In which case you know the stress, and or headache induced; when you need to call an oil company for any reason. Be it,  to service tanks, boilers, or fulling the tank, it’s never a fun experience.

Usually any oil company I’ve used you have to pay in advance for service, because they typically don’t just bill you. At times over the years this sort of business practice would burn major financial holes in my wallet… Until today that is. This morning I was fortunate enough to try Tasse’s. I figured that I had good luck with them for my plumbing needs so why not try to see if they can help with issues that I was having with a couple of my boilers. Wouldn’t you know it, they’re actually amazing; they bill me instead of instantly charging my debit card, and they give you discounts if you use them for both of your plumbing and heating needs. I think that I’m actually falling in love with my heating company. It’s such a relief to know that if I were to have a heating emergency that they’ll actually help instead of telling me… “You’re card needs a minimum balance of $200  dollars or more, in order for us to send out a tech.” I mean sometimes, and especially considering this time of year, you might not have that kind of cash instantly available. Then your house is like a walk in freezer for two weeks, all because the oil company needs the cash up front. I am so happy with this new company and am feeling so relieved.

Though I haven’t paid this oil bill yet, it’s good to know that I can do so in a more convenient matter. So yay Tasse’s thank you for actually providing me with your services.



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