Really America? REALLY?!

I don’t know about the rest of you intelligent Americans out there, but I’m still in shock, and am still praying like hell to find out that we made a mistake. Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate? I can see the headlines now… America’s New Reality…. Not likely, or Trump Never Happening.  Where instead of holding protests, we would rejoice in the fact that we dodged a fat orange bullet, with a blond wig. Well, on the left side anyway. The righty’s would wine like the giant fucktard babies that they are.

Really? This is who’s going to be commander and chief! And you right wing nut jobs think we’re in trouble now. As of right now I’m both scared and curious to see where in the hell our nation’s going to be in four years… I mean is it going to be worse than our economic fall in 08? Will it be a total apocalyptic horror show? Or will we show our American spirit and not allow the shit to hit the fan? I’m hoping for option C.

I’ll admit after hearing the results at little past three in the morning last week, my immediate thought was to flee to Canada. I even checked a few things out on their site, but then another thought came. That thought was, I’ve been working on this house for over a year. I’ve put all of this time and energy into restoring it, and now because this moron’s got the golden keys I’m going to runaway. What kind of logic is that? I know every country along with every world leader now officially sees us as the biggest fucking retards on the planet, but goddammit… Last year I found myself a home with loads of potential and endless possibilities, and goddammit I’m proud of it. I’m actually able to live the America dream. I’m so fucking lucky in that respect. Hell I might not ever be this fortunate again, and I almost threw in the towel.

I may not know what’s going to happen in the coming months or years, but I do know that we’ve worked hard to bring this country up to speed, and we will not just standby and let all of the progress we made digress back to the stone age. That’s not what this nation was built on.

So I’ll sign off with this… Let’s keep moving forward together.




2 thoughts on “Really America? REALLY?!

  1. Crazy times indeed, going by Brexit which I appreciate is different but the hysteria over that result hasn’t come to anything. We shall see what Trump does, presumably he will need more than just his inexperienced family to do anything and for that we can only hope some sane people are put in place for damage limitation.

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