I’ve had this post/vent on my mind on and off for a few months now. What finally lead me to blog about it is my current excursion into this dating app that I’m trying out.

One of the questionnaires that you have the option to answer is regarding your sexuality. For instance, are you a? Lesbian, bisexual, pan sexual, Gender fluid, demisexual, transgender, etc. This got me thinking, why in the hell are we using so many different labels? For instance the use of pan sexuality, why not just say that your bi, because your are basically attracted to both genders. Or better yet why don’t we just stop using all of these labels? If you’re a man who happens to be attracted to men; why couldn’t you say I prefer the company of men, and just drop the “I’m gay.”

Perhaps it’s because as human beings we cannot resist the urge of defining who we are. Or is it perhaps society? To make this world function properly we must have a name, a word, or a label for every single thing. Or perhaps it’s the fact that Obama’s term is coming to a close and we may very well be subjected to the horror of having a President Trump; who plans on overruling the supreme court’s marriage equality decision. Whatever the reason behind the labeling, I wish that we didn’t have the need for them, because we all are human and I’d like to think that we’ve progressed, minus the fact that we have a life size troll doll running for office.



8 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Demisexual, What the heck is that? People are always more complex than a label, it seems counterproductive especially on a dating site where people will presumably be a little adventurous.

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    1. It definitely slows you down, I know I had to stop and look up the term demisexual.
      Does not participate in sex unless the person feels a strong emotional connection. It was good to learn, but a simple; I like to take things slow would’ve sufficed.

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  2. I’ll say a few things on this. I think people have been socialized to put a label on things as well as themselves to make things easier and that’s why we’re still doing it. HOWEVER, I am noticing that it’s mainly my age group (25-30) that has grown up thinking this way bc that’s what we’ve been taught. That’s the same age group of lesbians who still express disdain against bisexuals. If you talk to teenagers these days it’s interesting to see that all of that is slowly going away and everyone is becoming “fluid.” They are all just going with the flow of things and experimenting to see what feels right and getting way less caught up in labels which for me feels a lot more authentic.

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    1. Yes I’ve noticed this transition as well with teens, and it is such a refreshing thing to see. I feel that if we continue with these easier going attitudes, then perhaps a few years down the line we’ll be able to look at somebody, and not instantly categorize them.


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