Stephen King’s Carrie


Stephen King’s legendary debut, about a teenage outcast and the revenge she enacts on her classmates.
Carrie White may have been unfashionable and unpopular, but she had a gift. Carrie could make things move by concentrating on them. A candle would fall. A door would lock. This was her power and her sin. Then, an act of kindness, as spontaneous as the vicious taunts of her classmates, offered Carrie a chance to be a normal and go to her senior prom. But another act—of ferocious cruelty—turned her gift into a weapon of horror and destruction that her classmates would never forget.


Carrie, the first novel that we saw from Stephen King.

I had received this as a Christmas gift from my sister, and had gobbled the book down by mid-January.

This book drew me in, with Carrie’s telekinetic ability; along with her backstory. There’s just something about a God crazed mother and her manic parental practices, that not only keeps you reading, but makes you feel for Carrie white’s home life situation.

What propels the story forward is pure jealously mixed together with spoiled brat syndrome from the main antagonist Chris. Her desire to taunt Carrie White lands her in detention where she discovers she will not be permitted to attend her senior prom as she had been planning.

What follows is a most cruel plot to ruin Carrie White, but might actually blow up in her own face.

It’s a story of revenge, on all sides of the spectrum, which leaves a mark on the townsfolk of Chamberlain.

The story is gripping the only down side to it, is the back and forth between the action and the stories from the townsfolk. One moment you’re smackdab right in the middle of the action and things are really beginning to heat up; and then with a flip of the page, or end of the chapter. You’re reading sworn testimony by an onlooker, or a neighbor of the White’s. It was quite a bit of stop and go, though it was necessary I really felt that it took away from the excitement, you’d go from 60mph to 5mph and then back up again. He more than likely was going for that sort of roller coaster effect, but for me it had the opposite effect.

All in all, the story was pretty good and I can see why it became such a must read at the time of its publication, and why it’s now considered a classic Stephen King read. It’s one of those rare titles that’s definitely worth rereading.


4 thoughts on “Stephen King’s Carrie

  1. Carrie is the first Stephen King novel I’ve ever read and it’s left me craving more! I really liked the ideas of religious fanaticism and Carrie’s paranormal mentality. I agree with you about the structure – it wasn’t what I expected at first but I definitely thought it worked. 😊

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  2. It’s a good debut novel but that hope Carrie gets her revenge pushes the reader on. he really is great at character building though and telling the stories of people. It was a nice short read, especially compared to some of his doorsteps!

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