I dream of fun in the sun

Without a shred of doubt I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year. The book, the house, but above all else at the moment, I’m thankful for the backyard, and the above ground pool.

Over this past week I’ve been busy assembling a gazebo, patio furniture, and rolling out the artificial grass carpet. Yes sir, this year there’s going to be plenty of activities this summer. And that’s where I find my mind wandering off to, the pool, cookouts, parties; I know it’s going to be a fun summer. (Which is the first time that I’ve actually been able to say that, instead of wishing or hoping for it.)

However with all of this going on, I find myself on a slippery slope writing wise. Tonight, for the first time in a little over a week; I’ve actually forced myself to sit at my desk and work on the book, (which I’m still a little stuck on,but getting better in the results department.) I think I really need to get my ass back into the swing of a scheduled routine; instead of writing when I’m feeling a little less nervous/blocked. Once again I’m wishing that I had the will power and the determination of Mr Stephen King. The man writes everyday and I want to get myself into that same grove, if only just to get in the necessary practice time so that I can better my literary craft. But… I can say one thing that I’m doing and that’s reading, I’ve got this portion of practice down. Now to get a better grasp on the writing portion.

Goal set, and unlike my New years resolutions, this I plan on sticking to and see it through, like a weight loss program.


4 thoughts on “I dream of fun in the sun

  1. Writing outside is always a fun experience, feeling the sun on you as you imagine away is always preferable to sitting inside, unless there is a fire on in winter, I like doing that although really its the radiator but my mind compensates.

    Reading and writing is a symbiotic experience, I love it and that’s why I’m here.

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    1. Ahh yes, writing amongst nature, is such a relaxing, mind opening experience; aiding the performance of the imagination so well.
      The entire exercise of writing is such an experience to have, it is those click-clacking session that we can find true clarity in our lives, and better understand the things the we stand for…
      Hmm, you know something Steve I think your comment has given me an idea for a blog post. Or, if nothing else, an idea for poetic admiration revolving around all of the good things to do with writing.


  2. Excellent, I love that blogging inspires blogging, that we can bounce off each other and form creative ideas. I am glad I could help and long may the idea sharing continue.

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