Read aloud, and your book will thank you

For aspiring authors, there’s loads to be nervous about as we chisel away at, what we hope will become a masterpiece loved by all. However, one of the biggest worries at least for me is, does what I’m writing sound like an actual story? Or is it bullshit that will never find it’s way to bookshelves?

Those questions pop up more than I care to admit. I pretty much think of them as reoccurring nightmares, that haunt my subconscious on a nightly basis.

Tonight however, I think that I may have stumbled on a tool that is essential to every  writer’s toolbox. At the bottom, hidden, or so I thought, of my little toolbox I found an all important tool. An author’s voice – my voice, a voice that I can hear coming through, with perfect clarity in every sentence.

It was crazy, it was wonderful, it’s progress made, or rather progress in the making.  How did I find this tool? you’re probably wondering. Oddly enough it was by reading a working chapter in progress, aloud. Something I’ve been unable/unwilling to try, for fear that the writing itself would be or sound god awful. It didn’t and for the first time I could hear the author’s voice coming through within the words.

If you’re an aspiring author I would recommend giving this exercise a go, especially if you’re unsure of the writing you’re producing. Saying sentences, dialogue, phrases, and paragraphs out loud can help. If your ears don’t like the sound of a sentence or a piece of dialogue, then you can edit the piece until it becomes music to your ears.

I should kick myself for not doing this sooner, but at least now I know how much this can aid me, as I continue on with Jenny Mac.


8 thoughts on “Read aloud, and your book will thank you

  1. Reading aloud is also good for pulling in the crowds like DIckens did, he loved reading his works out to people so really not only are you helping your writing but adding another money making scheme for the future. It’s win/win.

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