Blockage cleared

For the past week or possibly even week and a half, my creative juices have been flowing at the pace of a tortoise. Tonight however, I was actually able to shell out more than a couple hundred words to add to Jenny Mac, instead I surpassed that number and cranked it all the way up to 726, which is still pretty low, for a writer anyway.

Regardless of it not reaching 1,000 words or passing 1,000 words, there’s something about relieving the blockage in your head that makes reaching, 726 words feel like reaching a tremendous milestone, or even accomplishment. Perhaps the stripping away of that irrational fear that you’ll never be rid of the intrusive blockage, that had interrupted the flow of your story. Or perhaps it’s like watching a thick fog finally lift, so that you can see with enormous clarity what direction you’re heading in. It reaches a point, that it doesn’t matter how little the distance you venture in that direction you’re navigating toward, it just feels good to be able to see the path more clearly.

Or perhaps I’ve just been talking out of my ass. Either way it feels good to have at least some clarity, with my navigation system coming back into play. Including the directions that is leading me towards my eventual destination, on route.


6 thoughts on “Blockage cleared

  1. I have in mind that dam in San Andreas that burst, that is a good if lazy analogy. tend to find that when I can’t write, I just look for words and phrases that I think will fit in and from there make sentences, I like to call it planning for the future.

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    1. Your process to form sentences, reminds me of my brain, first thing in the morning. Before it can even form words it needs a caffeine jolt, otherwise it preforms like an undead zombie.
      Planning for the future does sound like a good idea, perhaps a little writing exercise could go a lot longer than a mere jolt of coffee.

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      1. It is good to just let the mind play about and I know that good things always come of it, even if it doesn’t pay off for years. I could go with a coffee right about now if you are paying or at least making!

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