The flooring overhaul

I know that I’ve discussed my plans to re-do my office floor, which I’m still doing by the way. However I’ve found that when it comes to certain home improvement projects, you’ll find yourself doing more than you ever expected, and flooring falls under that category.

In this post I’m probably going to sound a lot like a broken record which I probably should have mentioned in the beginning of this post, but If I had would you have continued to read? I hope you would have, and now that you’re aware of this fact, I hope that you’ll still continue to read; although if you’re already this deep then odds are that you intend to do so.

A few weeks ago I completed part of a flooring overhaul which involved me ripping out carpeting in my office. This lead me to discover that the previous owner had not only one carpet pad underneath the carpet itself, but a second which had been glued to the hardwood floor. To fix this unexpected issue I had to use a paint scraper, hammer, and most of my patience. After working through that, plus sanding down the wood I figured I could handle the rest of the carpeting in the house confidently.

Not so much.

FB floor 1 I’m not sure who the previous owner had hired to do the carpeting jobs in this triplex, but I’d personally like to smack them upside the head.

We all know the basic idea of how carpeting is installed, you have tack on strips to help hold the corners down good and tight, you have the carpet padding, which you staple down, and then you lay the carpet. The idea seems pretty simple although physically it’s difficult; but the concept in general doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.

FB floor 2In all of my years of seeing how the job is done and the material used makes me question the intelligence of the installers for this house. Instead of using foam carpet padding, as you would expect somebody to use, they laid down this sort of steal wool, I kid you not. This stuff was like a gigantic SOS pad with staples, so many fucking staples. The steal wool was so thick that I couldn’t even cut it with my exacto knife, instead I had to pull out my portable jigsaw (even the saw had issues cutting through the padding they’d used.)

FB floor 3As if the SOS padding weren’t enough to deal with, it left behind this black, rubbery, residue, which when I tried to remove with my sander made the entire house smell like burning rubber. (It still does.)

I really cannot for the life of me wrap my head around the installer’s way of thinking. Now I’m actually afraid to rip out the rest of the carpeting in the house. Oh and did I mention that they’d actually used linoleum as another avenue of laying down padding? That’s right underneath the carpeting in my master bedroom laid the SOS padding, followed by linoleum.

Scary right? And also just plain weird.


2 thoughts on “The flooring overhaul

  1. That’s a botch job and a half, in the these modern days of the internet, you would think that people would be able to find a half decent guide were they wishing to do DIY, if it’s a ‘professional’ then it is just unforgivable.

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    1. You’d think, but I think when some people start a DIY project, more often than not they do not realize how challenging and time consuming they can prove to be. Not to mention the almighty dollar, which, if this were indeed a DIY might explain the SOS padding. I’m guess they opted for the cheapest option. If it were done professionally; then you good sir are correct it is ‘unforgivable.’

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