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I’m so happy tonight as I write this post, why you might be wondering? Because for the first time in  – I  want to say thirteen years I actually own a laptop that is up to date, and not nearing the brink of obsolescence.

Until this afternoon I had previously owned an Acer which operated on a vista, that I had brought from my local Walmart store. It lasted six years, which is pretty good considering when I bought it I only paid around 250 for it.

This time however after nearing losing a piece of J Mac writing last night, I decided that it was time to upgrade to a better model, so I decided to try looking at Staples. When I think back on my purchase at Walmart, it makes me want to build a time machine so that I could go and kick my nineteen year-old self in the ass. Not only did I buy the latest in Windows, but I received a good protection plan by the store, as well as anti-virus software that makes my former anti-virus look like the worst computer protection on the planet. (As a matter of fact, it more than likely was.)

You learn a new lesson everyday and my lesson for today and on is never cheap out when it comes to your computer. In a case like this it’s better to shell out some extra cash, if you you have it available to you, and invest in a piece of technology that will last for a longer period of time.

I’m so excited, I can actually write on this little laptop in the dark, which I am currently testing out as I write this post.

Happy dance no more computer freezing, or multiple restarting. 🙂


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