Book Form

This may seem a bit strange, but believe it or not, until yesterday Jenny Mac did not have a first Chapter. Up until yesterday I had nothing but fragments of a sort of blueprint for the first chapter.

Now that it’s transformed into a completed first chapter I’m satisfied – well as satisfied as it is possible to be in the first draft. I dug a bit into Jenny’s life and some of the events that lead her up to this point in her life. As well as this awesome dream sequence in the beginning to get the reader’s blood pumping.

I’m so excited, this story is actually making it’s transition into the form of a book, and not only do I now have a prologue and three chapters, but I also noticed this little detail over the weekend.

Jenny Mac milestoneI’ve officially reached 10,000 words. I feel like once you hit that all important book writing milestone, you’ve instilled in yourself this sense of security.

I’ve been so nervous because since September I’ve had all of these ideas for the book, and I was unsure if they’d make sense, work out, or be able to manage the all important task of moving the story itself forward.

Now I feel like I’ve worked and dug my way into this groove that might just work out in a positive way for me. It feels so go to be 10,000 words in, and I can’t wait to see where this story will lead me.

A prologue, three chapters, and over 10,000 words I’m so pumped up and happy. 🙂 Bring on whatever challenges that may present themselves in the writing process.



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