Wait and sling

Yesterday and today I was having a very productive go of things. I was in the midst of ripping up carpet in my office, which I learned yesterday that the job was going to take a little elbow grease. If you pardon the pun, I say this because today I had a slew of incidents that lead me to this elbow pun.
1 my sister has a golden lab.
2 the dog is very crafty.
3 a busy road with plenty of traffic.
4 the dog can go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye.
5 me plus chasing after the lab, plus ice is not the best of combinations.
So long pun short, the dog runs out of the door across the road, and as I attempted to catch him I had an encounter with a patch of ice.
The ice won, now my right elbow looks the size of a grapefruit. On the positive side of things I didn’t break any bones but I do have a lot of swelling, and I have to fashion this bad boy for a few days.


If you were wondering why the carpet destruction would take some doing it’s because, whoever had the carpet installed thought that it would be a brilliant idea to do two layers of carpet padding. Oh and did I mention that they glued as well as stapled the padding to the hardwood floor.
People and their carpet.

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