Post holiday (Pressure)

Hey all,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I can say with the utmost joy that my family and experienced one of the best Christmases that we’ve had in a long while; being in the new house to spend the holiday together made the season even more special. If I did have one wish it would’ve been that we’d been able to share it with our family and friends, but at least we had each other, and that’s something.

I find myself wanting to get back into writing now that the holiday madness is thru, however this afternoon when I went to continue on with Jenny Mac I found myself hanging around the wall once again. I think when it comes to re-writing this story the thing that I’ve found most difficult thus far is not knowing. When I started working around with ideas for Jenny I mainly worked on backstory for Joseph, the WIA, and the whole universe that the story’s geographical points revolve around, which isn’t a bad place to start. At this moment however- I find myself yearning to know where exactly this story is headed, because at this point there’s this crucial moment in the story where the book could go in one of two directions. A. It take a left at the fork in the road and get lost, so lost that I might find myself doubting why in the hell I started up with this story again, or B. It could take a right at the fork and get to it’s proper destination without incident. If I were to take the left I just hope that I’ll catch the error made before it goes too far. Then again based on how anal I’ve been and am being with the story so far the left turn might already have a barricade up.

I feel that if I continue to keep the pressure on it can only benefit me, as Mr Stephen King has pointed out in his memoir On writing. It’s better to keep going and to keep the pressure on otherwise you might lose track of the story all together. So I guess a bit of pressure never hurt anybody and if their were anybody out there who needed to keep the pressure on it’s a writer.

So let there be pressure as I attempt to press on once more.


2 thoughts on “Post holiday (Pressure)

  1. Happy New Year my friend! Keeping the pressure on is always good, it may not yield what you expect but it will yield something good and so I would say go for it and enjoy your craft and as ever I look forward to your updates!

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    1. Happy New Year to you as well Steve. The pressure is good because at the most it can bring clarity, and with clarity comes more fuel for the story. Which is exactly what the pressure did for me. I’m hoping to have a few more updates for you soon.

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