The ideas and words as they flow

I am so pleased as I dig myself further down into Chapter three of Jenny Mac. Though I can’t tell or show you the specifics of the chapter I will say that it’s getting to be very exciting/interesting for Jenny as she begins to better understand the powers that she has inherited.

It’s amazing the rush that you feel when these ideas come to you and for myself lately- actually scratch that. Since the prologue popped into my head I’ve taken notice of how organically these ideas have come. It’s interesting to realize the ideas that you’re capable of having when you don’t force them. I feel like that very well may have been one of my biggest problems that I had, the last time that I’d worked on Jenny Mac, I forced a lot ideas onto the paper without considering whether or the ideas could realistically work in the story.

Which makes me think of just how much I’ve learned in the past couple of years, and how much that I still have to learn. But that’s the life of a writer the words never stop flowing, the ideas never stop coming, and we never stop learning.


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