The wall

I find myself sitting at my computer desk wanting very much to continue on with the first draft of Jenny Mac, because I can see it’s potential. Which I have seen before but it hadn’t really had the chance to live up to it’s full potential in the past, if that makes a lick of sense.

All I know for sure is that when it comes to the writing process with this book I am relying on a few things.

1 Instincts

2 Learning more about the craft

3 Books

4 Realism

and finally… 5 Perseverance

So far all of the above has been helpful for me and will undoubtedly continue to help me grow as a writer. However as I write this post tonight I confess that I have hit a wall. I don’t want to say that I have writer’s block because I believe that it just makes matters worse when you’re trying to write. So I’ve hit a wall, and I’ve been stuck on it for about a week now.

Last week I’d finished off what I guess will wind up being a chapter, and though I am aware of how strangely that must indeed sound, I’m going at this project with the utmost of caution, for fear that I might lose my nerve, or that I might do all of this work only to realize at some point down the line that this entire story idea will not work. So yes I am walking on egg shells, and yes I am babying this book, but it is my baby and isn’t that my right as the author? Until it’s sent out into the publishing world, then it’s no longer my baby.

The point that I’ve been meaning to reach is that I have been at this wall with no idea how to get around it, perhaps I am being too cautious, and maybe I need to stop worrying about what’ll happen if I come to realize that this story idea won’t work. I know that I should just grit my teeth and go, and whatever happens, happens. Or maybe just venting my frustrations will do the trick and open up my mind enough so that I can move forward with the story. Either way at least I can say that I wrote something today.

Damn I can’t stand being stuck at the wall.


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