Jenny’s wandering mind

Jenny walked home from work in a daze; it being her last day at the café before she left on what she hoped to be an exciting adventure, did have a fraction to do with her distracted mind. But there was something else, yes something elsewhere, though she could not quite put her finger on it, all she knew for certain was that it bothered her. For whatever the reason her thoughts bounced back and forth between her last day at the café, to the adventure which lie ahead and, to this morning. The answer clicked on as if there were a light bulb above her head. Of course the nightmare that I’d had this morning, that’s what’s been distracting me. Now with utmost clarity she heard Brenda’s voice in her head, “They’re dead, they’re dead.” It was enough to send chills down her spine. Why has it popped up again? I haven’t had one for years. She recalled the last one being almost over two and a half years ago, a little over a year after they had passed away, in that horrible accident. So why are they popping up again? Then the answer came in a flash to her brain. Stress and the fact that I’m leaving the country, of course the stress probably triggered it; just stress, nothing to worry yourself about. With that she forced herself out of her daze, for now she needed to finish packing and to concern herself with catching a 10AM flight to London.


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