Home Improvements (Refinishing kitchen cabinetry)

Well I’m finally settled into my new house and that means that the home improvements can officially begin. Although technically, they sort of got started as we were moving in, but now they actually stand a chance at being completed because now I have no major distractions.

The first project some of you might have already seen photos of on The Jenny Mac Series Facebook page.

I kicked off my first project in the heart of the home,  the kitchen. I found that the biggest issue I had in the kitchen was that my cabinets though old, but in good shape; were fashioning a very retro look.


I don’t know about you but these cabinets screamed a bit of the old west to me every time that I looked at them.

So as I said before these babies are old but still in good condition,  so if you’re on a budget as I am, one of the best ways to give your old cabinets a whole new life, is to sand them down, take off the old knobs… (If they’re older knobs this task can sometimes be easier said than done. ) And in my case paint the cabinets, then finally put on brand new knobs.

If all goes accordingly they should turn out something like this.


I’ve got to say for my first time refinishing kitchen cabinets they turned out alright.


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