The Jenny Mac Prologue

I saw this idea clearly in my head and just had to see what it might turn into. I’m not exactly sure what this piece is or where it might fit in the novel. The only thing I knew for certain is that I had to write it down, so for now let’s just call it The Jenny Mac Prologue.

It’s a peaceful night in the house of 86 Nutmeg Road. The fireplace roared as a log crackled in the flames of the fire; which warned the living room to a pleasantly cozy, relaxing temperature. As Brenda breathed in the delightful smells of June’s, freshly baked Oatmeal raisin cookies, she felt a sense of peace and security reach her heart and mind; both of which hadn’t felt very much at ease for some time now.

She grabbed for a cookie absent-mindedly and took a bite, as that sense of peace and security began to flood through her body. The feeling was so infectious that slowly she could feel those constant pains in her knee that severed as a daily reminder of her, living, breathing existence, faded. In that moment a smile stretched across her face, from ear to ear.

“You’re smiling,” said James as he sat down in his armchair, fashioning a facetious expression on his face.

“Yes, I suppose I am.”

“Bout time, I was beginning to wonder whether or not you would be able to pull yourself from the fog.”

The fog had felt worse than any type of depression; it clung to her like a bad habit, and caused anxiety attacks that felt more like panic attacks. Terrible thoughts and worries clouded her mind worse than a cloudy day, at one point it had crossed her mind that the fog would never lift.

“I’m not sure what happened, all of the sudden this, calm just spread throughout my body. The pain in my knee has even disappeared.”

“Well I think now you’re finally starting to heal and trust that he’s truly gone.”

“Perhaps, but all I know James, is that I don’t want to feel this peaceful calm, fade away. I never again want to be trapped in that dark place.”

He nodded, with his face now looking more serious. “We won’t just let you venture back there. You need to get back to your old self.”

The truth in his words rang clearly in her ears, and she could feel another development forming, which released her personality from its prison cell; oh yes she was indeed in transition back to her old self.

A happy-go-lucky Jenny now entered the room, accompanied by her mother. “All right sweetie pie, say your good nights to daddy and Auntie Brenda.”

Jenny took off like a rocket and jumped onto Brenda’s lap, accidentally smacking her knee upon impact, but Brenda didn’t even wince, instead she wrapped Jenny up tightly in her arms and gave her a huge bear hug. Jenny giggled in her ear.

“Good night Auntie Brenda.”

“Good night my fair Princess Jenny, may you sleep soundly, and dream happily.”

Jenny withdrew from her hug and looked deeply into Brenda’s eyes. “Is something a matter Princess?”

“You changed, you’re happy now, I can feel it.” Jenny announced with a smile.

“I can feel it too,” said Brenda, as she gave her another hug.

“Good night Auntie Brenda I love you.”

“I love you too sweetie.”

Jenny climbed down from Brenda and ran over to her father, giving him a very big kiss on his cheek. Brenda smiled widely as she watched Jenny and her father interact. Though she wasn’t actually blood related to the family she and June were as close as sisters, and have a better sibling bond than biological siblings could hope for. She loved the family and absolutely adored Jenny.

June and Jenny exited the living room and it was quiet once more, both Brenda and James basked in it, as they listened to the shrinking log crackles, while it gave off more heat. A few minutes later June reentered the room, and sat next to her husband in the other armchair.

“You are feeling better,” June announced, as if she could feel the slight nervousness in Brenda’s vibes. I also felt when I walked into the room; I think your fog has finally lifted.”

“Yes I feel the same.”

“June smiled in her familiar warming glow; words had almost found her lips when screams from her daughter stopped them dead.

Brenda sprung to her feet and sprinted effortlessly toward Jenny’s bedroom; she’d reached her room in time to see Jenny spring to an upright position in her bed and begin to speak.

“He is, not, dead. Nor is he gone; he shall return, and when he returns two lives will be lost.” Jenny’s body flopped back down onto her bed, and she lay there sleeping peacefully, unaware that anything had occurred.

Suddenly the hair on the back of Brenda’s neck stood up, and her stomach turned painfully, making her feel nauseous. She felt June’s hand touch her shoulder and James’s latch onto the other. “Come on, he said. Let’s sit you down.”

Brenda sat back down on the couch feeling her uneasiness creep up her spine.

“Brenda relax I can sense your fear, and just so you know I haven’t felt anything, Joseph is gone, I’m sure of it,” June said, in a most honest and humble manner.

“How can we be certain, if Jenny is picking up on this then-”

“She’s only five years old, she is just barely coming into her senses, and she doesn’t know what she’s saying, or feeling. I’ve felt no terrible vibes; nothing is disturbing the tranquility of the world.”

“Of course she didn’t say they would affect us now, she said that they’d affect us later.”

June now sat closer to Brenda. “If there were distant evils brewing my heart would feel it. Trust me when I tell you everything is fine.”

Brenda could hear the honest truth in June’s voice, and she released her unease. She hugged them both and they went on with their night, ignoring an honest child’s warning.


2 thoughts on “The Jenny Mac Prologue

    1. I’m so glad that you liked the line, I was afraid it might’ve been a bit too cliche, but I guess certain lines never go out of style. It definitely feels like this piece has a lot of potential and that it could surely bring out some brilliant ideas as I go along.

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