Must vent!

Today has been one frustration after another. It started with a phone call from attorney about the house that I am in the process of purchasing; basically informing me that the current tenants that reside there don’t want to move. I have be honest I did anticipate that this situation might occur, but I hoped like hell that it wouldn’t, because now we have to postpone closing for another month. Terrific! 😦

I know it’s only 30 days extra, however I feel like telling the tenants to suck it the fuck up and move your asses out! I know, harsh, it’s just that my family and I have been through our fair share of ups and downs since we moved out here; about five years ago. Mainly downs, and now we’re finally able to experience the ups; which is rarely experienced or seen, or felt with my family.

I suppose I could look at the bright side of this predicament, now we don’t have to rush through the move and we can get ourselves better organized; which will decrease the stress levels tenfold during the moving process.

Well I guess I have nothing left to vent, but I do however have a few things left to say. Now we’ll go from a countdown of 11 days and bring it up to an additional 30 days. By then we should be in the process of closing.

Let the countdown commence! 30 days!


3 thoughts on “Must vent!

  1. That’s a really annoying situation! Like you say though there are positives with less urgency to pack and more time to plan the military execution of the nightmare that is moving. You will get there and it will be all the better for the wait, for the writer in you this is an opportunity to capture those thoughts and feelings and you never know where that may lead.

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