The odds

I’m standing on a threshold, holding my breath as I prepare to dive into the unknown, and although I know that life is uncertain, I know just as well that it’s impossible to predict one moment to the next.

But I do know this to be true and to be certain, life has taught me many lessons, so therefore for the most part I know which roads to which I can venture down and which ones to avoid altogether.

I’ve been through hell and back, survived loads of different weather, and have still managed to keep my sense of humor in tact.

I’ve gone hungry, I gave charitably as often as I could, I’ve treated friends like family, and my family… Well they’re family, and family is family.

I’ve overcome great obstacles, which some would consider impossible odds, and I’ve been giggle and mocked for chasing my dreams, and have been told many times over that I won’t get far.

But I simply look at the naysayers, roll my eyes, and shake them off, for I know what I want out of life; which will always leave me thirsty for more.

I’ve been belittled, I’ve been taunted and pushed, and as I think back on those experiences now I stop and I smile, for I have fought my way through a huge battle, and I’m stronger now than when the battle began.

I am an underdog and I am a champion.


2 thoughts on “The odds

  1. being told one won’t succeed is perplexing because at least you are trying and I know you will succeed, it is just a matter of time and then you can smugly point out to all the naysayers that they were wrong. Experiences shape us and without the bad, it would make the good less special, it will be worth the wait my friend, this I know.


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