Why going by the book can be a better route

There are many different methods as to how a writer goes about writing a book. Some fit under the category of a seat of the pants author, some go through the entire book writing process by the book, and others go their own route. With each of these strategies you can find success; however I myself have come to find that the most successful strategy might just save you a lot of stressful headaches later on down the line.

The strategy that I am referring to is the reliable “by the book method.” The by the book method is the best way to go because you’re forced to stop, think, and take notes before any of the actual writing begins. In general when you take notes you’re jotting down everything from your main character’s eye color, to how, where, and when your story wraps up.

Of course you might stop and think, what’s wrong with being a seat of the pants writer? As I said before, absolutely nothing; because you should write in whatever way makes you feel comfortable. Although I have come to realize that for my own satisfaction as a writer, it is impossible for me to stick with the old “seat of the pants,” method; being that you write and then edit as you go. Right now I am probably around 47,000 words with Dreamer, my WIP and I have come to realize that it is a complete and total mess, that is beyond the standard editing check.

I have stubbornly come to understand why it’s so much better to “go by the book,” when you go by the book and you take your time with the entire process; instead of diving right in and just writing; you actually slow down and think thoughts and ideas through in a logical manner. If you’re able to stop yourself from just shooting out of the gate, you’ll find yourself happy with the end results of your book. Not only do you know it inside and out, but you’ve really chiseled out a masterpiece.

So henceforth I shall do my best to slow down and go by the book, so that I may fully chisel out my masterpiece.


8 thoughts on “Why going by the book can be a better route

  1. Interesting read, with my novel I think I’m a bit of a ‘do it my own way’ kind of guy. I’ve planned out all the main events and if I get ideas I incorporate them with the storyline. I’ve set up the universe in my mind, I know why things are and how they came to be… Its really weird when I think about it lol. I’ve followed, and would be honoured to hear your thoughts on some of my works on my blog. Keep writing and have a good day 🙂

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    1. I wish that I could keep the storyline ideas and how the entire will go in my head, but I always wind up forgetting ideas that seem very crucial. I guess that’s why I am a firm believer in taking notes.
      Thank you for the like, comment, and the follow; I shall stop by your blog soon to see you work.
      All the best.

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      1. I feel like it’s almost another life? If that makes sense? So like I know what happens because they feel almost real to me. Wow I sound like i belong in an asylum lol.. Thanks for checking me out 🙂

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  2. It is interesting to know how people write, I usually freestyle some set pieces which I know I want in and then use them to connect up various pieces of plot and what not. Then after poking it with a mental stick, I write it up properly, having said that my writing is infrequent not like yourself so l am sure there are some refinements that I could make to my technique that I haven’t come across yet.

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    1. Your method actually sounds a lot better than my own. You seem like you put quite a bit of thought and effort into your work. I myself bounce off ideas and then write them down, only to realize that they might not go with the flow and nature of the plot.
      Oh well maybe one of these days we’ll both land on a technique that we both can work with, and enjoy.

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      1. A basic book review will usually take me about three hours to complete fully, so any sort of free style writing usually takes longer but thee are times, magical times when it just flows and everything seems to work magically well.

        Keep all your ideas and read through them regularly, see where they take you, put a couple together and see how you could go to one from the other, it’s a nice little exercise and can inspire new ideas.


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