The pen versus the keyboard

Ordinarily I am a firm believer/user of the good-old keyboard, and why not its efficient, easy to use, and can take you from a word count of 0 to 500 like that. However lately my appreciation for the mighty keyboard has shifted; by way of the Sharpie pen.

When it come to jotting down notes for a story I usually pull up the word doc; however since I began fiddling around with some ideas with my Jenny Mac book series, I decided the safer and far more logical route would be to write in a notebook, so that I would have everything revolving around the book series written down and stored in my filing cabinet. (I’m always paranoid that something may happen with my computer, and if that were to happen I’d lose all of my notes/progress, and then I would be completely SOL.) So that was part my safer bit that I was talking about, but the logical bit?

What’s making me come around with writing the old-fashioned way, is that when I’m writing with a pen and paper I feel that I am less likely to make errors when I’m writing; because I have watch what I’m jotting down. Yes I realize that you have to do the same thing with the keyboard; but when all you have to worry about is pressing keys then you’re bound to make more mistakes.

Yes writing the old-fashioned way takes longer and you might not get to 500 words as quickly as you would, using your computer, and you may even get writer’s cramp; but at least your mind isn’t running at a mile a minute, and your fingers pretty much have to fly when typing on the keyboard to keep up with your thought process.

If you really stop to think about it writing with a pen and paper is sort of like doing meditation with your writing; you slow down, you breathe, you think rationally, and you feel more relaxed and accomplished than you did going into it.

So the next time you go to write; be it a note, an idea, a paragraph, or a page; perhaps you might stop and pull out the old pen and paper to write down what you want to say. Or perhaps you’ll favor the advanced forms of writing technology, either form, you’re allowing your creativity to flow.


8 thoughts on “The pen versus the keyboard

  1. I write poetry with pen and paper but usually write fiction on the computer however I do find it easier to edit on a printed off copy and pick out far more errors doing it that way.


  2. I do like to write with pen and paper sometimes, annotating notes always looks great and the deleting on a keyboard means we don’t see why we chose certain words over others. Reading something written in pen is an education in the writers thought process which always brings one closer to a writer.

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    1. I agree to annotate a few pages of notes is always a grand site especially during the editing process, where it is extremely important not to rush.
      So I guess that would bring one closer to the rank of a writer.

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