A friendship remains

The heated summer sun felt like a dry desert; which was sucking all of the moisture from her face. God, I forgot how dry it is out here. She sprays her face with sunblock and continues on the trail. “I’ll bet it’s been awhile since you’ve gone on a hike like this,” said Katy, as a bead of sweat ran down her nose.

“Yes, it reminds me of just how much I’ve missed Colorado.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet Massachusetts has its own beautiful nature trails to offer.”

“They do, but, I am reminded of an old saying.”

“Oh, what’s that Kels?”

“There’s no place like home.”

The trail was now at its steepest, which made their feet slide from under them a few times, they locked their eyes onto the end of the trail, and pushed themselves toward their goal. They were close to the top. Kelsey however, lost her balance and stumbled. She rolled about halfway down the steep hill, but was able to keep from rolling any further by digging her heels into the dirt. A cloud of dust surrounded her, her allergies now beginning to act up, “Ahchoo!” Three more monstrous sneezes followed. “You forgot to take your allergy medicine didn’t you,” Katy announced, as she waited for Kelsey to climb back up the hill. Kelsey climbed the hill cautiously; however as she climbed she noticed some discomfort in her right ankle. “I think that I screwed up my ankle again.” She stopped next to Katy and they examined it together. “It doesn’t look too bad; you probably sprained a little, or something.” She paused for a moment, to take a closer look, but found nothing that would be cause for alarm. “Do you want to turn around and head back to the car?” “No way, I want to see the view.” Kelsey fixed her boot back on her foot, and put an arm around Katy’s shoulder, they climbed the last bit of the trail together, being careful not to have another incident. As they reached the top of the trail, they were welcomed to a beautiful sight. Horsetooth stretched out in front of them, resembling a beautiful valley. The reservoir sparked off of the sunlight, and the trees along slopes, as well as the mountains in the distance, looked as though they went on forever. “Yep, you could never find nature like this on the east coast.” They stood at that spot, at the end of the trail, for several long minutes. “It’s views like this that make me miss living out here.” Kelsey looked at Katy, who still had her eyes fixed on the view in front of them. “You had your reasons for leaving though,” Katy said, with her eyes still directed at the view.

As they went back down the trail with Kelsey still leaning on Katy’s shoulder, Kelsey felt tension forming between them; tension that she had not felt so strongly since she had moved. She couldn’t still be? Could she still be? Should I say something; maybe I’m just misinterpreting? They continued down the trail with Katy completely mute; which made Kelsey’s suspicions grow. “So your really enjoying your new apartment?” Katy stopped suddenly on the trail; which made Kelsey stumble, nearly causing her to take another roll down the trail. However she caught herself, and balanced herself out. “What was that all about? Why did you stop like that, and could you at least warn me before you decide to do that?” Katy didn’t respond, instead she stared at Kelsey scowling; her cheeks were a deep red, and her vein in her forehead announced its presence, and also looked as though it might pop. “You already asked me that,” Katy shouted. Kelsey was unsure of how to respond. Why is she so angry? Slowly the words found her lips. “You seemed, very, tense, all of the sudden. So I was only trying to break it up, a bit.”

The vein in Katy’s forehead began to relax, and her cheeks weren’t as red as they were a moment ago. “If you thought that I seemed tense, then why didn’t you speak up?”

Kelsey tried to think of how she wanted to say what had been rolling around in her mind, since they had been standing at the end of the trail. “I haven’t felt that kind of tension between you and me since I told you, that I wanted to move to Mass. Things got so tense between us, that it became one of the issues; which led to our breakup. You never did get over my leaving did you?” The vein in Katy’s forehead reappeared. “The reason that things became tense between us before our breakup, is because one day you woke up and decided to just leave; you announced your plans like they were no big deal, as if you could cared less about you and I. That’s why I broke up with you.”

Kelsey felt her cheeks heating up, she knew it wasn’t a result of the heated summer air, nor was it the sun hitting her face. Tears formed around her eyes, but would not descend onto her cheeks. “You knew my situation at home, and for your information I didn’t just wake up one morning and think, gee, I’m board of my relationship with Katy, and I’m also tried of Colorado. I think I’ll leave em both.” She paused for a moment trying to force back her tears; she would not cry in front of her. “I loved you, you meant everything to me, and having to come to the conclusion, that moving would be best was horrible. I couldn’t live with my father anymore, the drinking was all of the time, and the violence was unbearable.”

“He hit you! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Kelsey, now finding it impossible to withhold her tears, they streamed down her face, as if flood gates had just opened. Katy grabbed her, holding her tightly in her arms. Kelsey’s head now buried in her chest, “it’s not something that you want to announce to someone. You feel such embarrassment and shame, it makes you feel worthless.” Heaping tears streamed onto Katy’s chest. “I should’ve told you, I hate that I didn’t.” Katy pat her head softly, and then lifted her head up so that they would be face to face. “It’s okay that you didn’t, you can’t beat yourself up over past events, especially ones that caused you great pain. All that you can do is learn from it. For instance right now I’m learning that I should get all of the facts and information before deciding to end a relationship. Kelsey smiled at her, and for a moment she felt the same way she had for Katy when they were dating. “You’re right.” She hugged Katy, and they held each other for a moment, and then began to walk down the trail again, walking hand in hand till they reached Katy’s car.

As they drove back to Fort Collins Kelsey’s thoughts wandered back and forth. Maybe we could give us another go? The more she thought about the possibility of her and Katy dating, the more her thoughts lead her to conclude… It couldn’t work, I’m in Mass and she’s in Colorado. She knew Katy well enough to know that, she could never leave Colorado. She entered Fort Collins knowing that the relationship between them had gone, but the friendship will forever remain.


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