Dreaming but seeing

Jenny walked into the living room, her nostrils catching the gentle scent of her soap. “Ah it feels so good to be clean,” she said cheerfully, as she sat on the couch. She looked at the coffee table, staring down the television remote. Nah, the second I find something that interests me, will be when they knock at the front door. Jenny withdrew her attention from the television remote and stretched herself out on the couch. Now this I can do for a bit, whilst I wait for their arrival. She fixed herself into a comfortable position on the couch; her aching muscles beginning to relax and mind feeling soothed. She shut her eyes; I’ll only keep em closed for a moment.

She sat at a desk, a pen in her right hand and a pad of blank paper before her. She placed the pen on the paper, then once finished writing she examined what she’d just written. I’ll see you soon, was laid out on the paper. Why would I write I’ll see you soon? As she was pondering the question, the pen in her hand began to glide over the paper again. I don’t recall wanting to write something else. Jenny tried to control her hand and stop herself from writing on the pad of paper, but found it impossible; it was as if her hand had its own thoughts and its own will. While she continued a losing battle, her vision was starting to go. A dark cloud began to descend over her eyes; she no longer felt the pen that she had grasped in her hand, and no longer felt a chair underneath her.

She stood in darkness.  It was pitch black; in fact it was so dark that Jenny couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. I am dead? Just as she pondered that thought a bright light was exposed to her eyes, so bright that it burned her eyes. She shut them tightly for a second, and then opened them. Her eyes revealed the inside of a car; she looked around and found two people sitting up in the front of the car, their side profile only slightly visible. Jenny sat in the center of the back seat, she looked ahead. They were driving down the interstate, she brought her attention back to the driver and the other passenger; they were in the midst of a conversation. Slowly it occurred to her that her presence was not noticed, nor did it seem that it was felt, almost as if she were invisible. “Excuse me?” she asked, but there was no reply, not even a look pointed in her direction, they continued to their conversation, unbothered. This is so bizarre. Jenny drew her attention from them and looked ahead at the road. A truck began to slow down in front of them, so the driver, seeming to have little patience with the truck in front, merged into the express lane. As they began to pass the truck, the truck sped up, blocking their way to pass. The road was now elevating as the driver of the car sped up in the express lane to pass the truck. As they were passing the truck Jenny caught a quick glimpse of the truck driver occupying the center lane. The man wore an out-of-place smile on his face. Something’s not right here. Again just before it would have been possible for the driver of the car to pass, the truck again sped up. Now as they road in the express lane a guardrail was protecting them from a nasty fall into oncoming traffic. It was then that Jenny understood. “Slow down! Let the truck pass you!” she shouted, however the driver and the passenger continued on with their conversation.

Before Jenny could utter another warning, she was lifted from the car and she was now hovering in midair directly above the two vehicles. She watched from above, the truck rammed into the car, the car hit the guardrail, and flipped, landing into oncoming traffic, crushing a car, and causing a pile up to transform, as other vehicles slammed on their breaks, some of their reactions not quick enough. “No,” but she was voiceless, Jenny was powerless.


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