It’s a start

Jenny walked into the living room, her nostrils catching the gentle scent of her soap. “Ah it feels so good to be clean,” she said cheerfully, as she sat on the couch. She looked at the coffee table, staring down the television remote. Nah, the second I find something that interests me, will be when they knock at the front door. Jenny withdrew her attention from the television remote and stretched herself out on the couch. Now this I can do for a bit, whilst I wait for their arrival. She fixed herself into a comfortable position on the couch; her aching muscles beginning to relax and mind feeling soothed. She shut her eyes; I’ll only keep em closed for a moment.

I’ve been working on this Jenny Mac short story bit and that’s all I’ve got so far, though I do know how I want things to go with it, I find myself too tired to give this story the proper focus and attention that it rightfully deserves; which kinda sucks because I was hoping to post this story tonight, but there’s probably a good reason that I’m not posting it tonight.

I really want to take my time with this story and the ideas for it, because it is going to revolve around Jenny’s psychic abilities, so I would really like to figure out her point of view, what transpires during the vision, and perhaps the most crucial, the emotions that she goes through in the vision.

When I think back to how I used to write her vision scenes before I am flabbergasted. In the old scenes I would make one of the biggest mistakes that I writer can make, I told the audience about everything that went on, and never actually showed them what was happening; which is another reason that I’d really like to take my time with this short story. I also feel that if I can get it right, that it might just serve as a helpful blueprint for when I eventually start to actually write Jenny Mac. Which is still a long, long, long ways off, but you know the old saying practice makes perfect.

Well goodnight everyone, sleep well.


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