Please no more snow!

Well Worcester has been hit with yet another snow storm, lets see the first was a blizzard dumping 30 inches worth of powder, the second was maybe around a foot or a tad more, and the third was around about 8 inches, I think. On the plus side I just heard that we’re expecting more on Saturday. Just lovely.

Though in New England I’ve learned to expect this kind of crazy weather, especially if we’ve had a very mild/boring winter; which is totally different than what I grew up with in Colorado. You’d receive massive snowfalls/blizzards if you resided in the mountains, however if you resided in the plat/boring areas of the state you may or you may not expect the same snowfall amount. And you definitely would not expect snowfalls like you’d receive in New England if you were having a mild winter in Colorado. If you’re experiencing a mild winter in Colorado then it’d be rare to expect change.

A short list of things I’m growing weary of due to the snow.

1 shoveling (way too much shoveling.)

2 snowplow men (Stopping blocking my driveway and walkway, especially after I just spent two hours digging myself out!)

3 showings! (My landlord’s trying to sell our apartment house so between all of the shoveling and cleaning for showings, I stay busy, and at least get my exercise in, so that’s a plus at least.)

4 Buddy’s nasty not-so-surprising little surprises. (I have a small dog who can’t really go out in about in the snow, because his little legs get cold quickly. When this happens it usually means that my apartment becomes his bathroom; which isn’t his fault I’m aware that he can’t help it, it just becomes a pain in the ass after a while.)

No matter at least it’s February, which mean spring is right around the corner and then soon enough summer will arrive and I’ll be ready for winter to come back around, because it’s way too hot and humid during the summer. Ah the seasons you gotta love em’.

Well goodnight folks, sleep tight. 😀


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