The writer you were then and the writer that you are now

It’s amazing how far taking some time off can take you. Some of you know that I took some time off from writing Jenny Mac, and that I recently started posting little Jenny Mac short stories. (Though it’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared a Jenny Mac short story with you all.) Although I have not shared any sort of JMac short stories with you, I have been productive in jotting down notes, and may I just say how awesome it feels to be writing down something for Jenny Mac. I think that I took about a year off from doing any sort of writing with Jenny, and by so doing;  it allowed me some time to figure out what I’ve wanted to write within the pages since the beginning. Which is a really scary thought, to think that it’s been about ten years now since I first began writing Jenny.

I feel like over the course of this past year I’ve taken in so much writing wise, and that I’ve really given myself time to practice and to try different methods, and techniques. In fact I really took notice of it today, it was one of those days where everything just hits you head on and you actually see how much you’ve grown. I was reading this chapter of Dreamer today; which is a total mess, but that’s beside the point that I’m trying to make. I was reading through the chapter and though I spotted many mistakes in the chapter, as I read, I could see how much I’ve grown; which made me do something that I think all artists have a tendency to do at one point or another. Where they look back at where they were and they take in where they’re at now. You account for every step and you pat yourself on the back, because the writer you were then, and the writer you are now, is almost like viewing yourself from a different angle.

When I was taking notes for a WIA biography I couldn’t believe how much I missed writing for this book and the rush of excitement I felt when I was finally able to connect all of the pieces of the WIA background. How, they began, their mission, the huge changes that they go through when Joseph rises to power. That’s all I have down so far but I do feel that I’ve made this connect with this puzzle that I’ve been trying to solve for almost a decade.

This is what I love about writing: learning, problem solving, experimenting with your writing, and knowing without a shred of doubt that you’re improving, and that it’s a constantly evolving process.


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