Short and sweet

This post is going to be short, A because I’ve had a long day and B because I think what I’m about to say sums up how I’m feeling in a nutshell.

Tonight Dreamer reached a tad bit over 40,000 words. YAY! I am so happy and excited, only 20,000 more words to go before I reach N-O-V-E-L length. After this past week this couldn’t have happened at a better time, this has completely lifted my spirits.

YES! 40,000 words, OH YEAH!


4 thoughts on “Short and sweet

  1. Well done, you are really going for it, every time I come here you remind me that I need to get on with writing my own novels and you are a source of inspiration , now I just need to give mwself a swift kick up the rear ( a real challenge, I’ve tried) and do some proper work.

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    1. Yes trying to kick yourself in the bum is indeed a challenge, though I don’t think it serves its purpose to get ones self up and running; when all it ever does is hurt your bottom. 😉
      I am honored that you see me as such an inspiration; if you’re hoping to start up a novel (and I hope you do because I would most definitely want, nay need to read it.) I would go with an idea that excites you to think about writing, and continue to go from there. That’s what happened with myself and Dreamer, I thought of an idea which excited me and then mixed in the idea with something that I knew quite a bit about. Now writing wise I couldn’t be happier, and I’m usually even more thrilled to sit down and write, so that I can continue to add more to the story.
      Best of luck with your novel, I hope you find something that’ll fill page after page.


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