Junior high three teens meet, spark up friendships, break some bread.

Staying tight all through high school, but as soon as they’re exposed to the real world, the friendships feel rifts and soon enough they all begin to drift.

At first it’s uncomfortable, but then the adjustment period kicks in and it becomes a normal thing to go from talking on a daily basis, to a phone call every few months or so.

You busy yourself with your own life and your own schedule, and slowly those friendships fade into the background.

Well I’m twenty-four now and this is just a lesson I’m coming to understand, sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you plan.

But it sucks though, course if you’ve been there, you already know. Whatever it’s just the natural progression, it’s how we mature, it’s how we evolve. The process of life, as the seasons change, you’ll change with them. But if you decide to fight those changes, it transforms into a struggle; it becomes more like quicksand. All that you can do is stop resisting and allow it to engulf you.

I hate the fact they we have to end on this note, at least I can look back and say that we had some good times though. I know those days are gone but they serve as good memories that I can file under unforgettable.

Matter of fact here’s a few things that are certain, when our ten-year reunion hits, we’ll reminisce over those good times we had, uttering terms like “Remember when,” and “What we always use to say.” I guess that’s pretty much it, this is all just met to be in the background, shit.


4 thoughts on “Background

  1. Sometimes you find, as you explore more of the world, or at least people different than the ones you grew up with, that those people who were your closest friends in younger years were actually holding you back. These friends sometimes keep you in a pattern of behavior that prevents you from doing other things that you may find you enjoy or prevents you from meeting new people or spending time with other people that your friends may not like.
    You can remain friends with those you used to be close to, have the occasional conversation a few times a year and retain good feelings towards them while cultivating your own growth and change. Other times, you find that who you really are simply does not fit with your old friends. You find that the things you believe or the things you like to do are contrary to your friend’s beliefs and activities.
    Life is constantly changing and while it is difficult to let go of the past, console yourself with the knowledge that with change come new opportunities, new friendships and more inner growth.

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    1. I like what you said here, console yourself with the knowledge that with change come new opportunities, new friendships and more inner growth.
      However I do also feel that who I am now is being held back by these friendships. Perhaps for now I need to let go and allow myself to grow.

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