A feeling more powerful than emotion

The rain shower had only lasted a few minutes, which was often the case in Rucester, and as Jenny brought her sport’s bag down from over her head; she was reminded of a saying that her parents always told her. “If you don’t like the weather in Rucester, wait about fifteen minutes.” She was glad that the rain had stopped because it was very chilly out and the rain made the chill in the air seem worse.

Her thoughts moved on from the weather conditions as she drew closer to home. I can’t wait for a hot soak in the tub, that would make my arm and the rest of my muscles feel better. Though the aching muscles were a small price to pay; Jenny was still watching the game on replay in her mind; with the umpire’s voice still ringing the word, “SAFE!” in her ears.

With a single block left to walk Jenny began to skip merrily down the sidewalk, as she skipped she started to chant, “The Tenton Tigers kicked your ass!” A few moments later she rounded the corner, with home still a distance away when she stopped suddenly, and all feelings of merriment and enjoyment were lost. A sickly feeling and darkness now surrounded her; in her mind she saw visions of a fiery car crash, followed by a woman’s painful screams of terror; which blasted into her eardrums, echoing in her skull. Pain surged through her head as if a bolt of lightning was charging through her brain, she dropped to her knees, covering her ears. She screamed from the intense pain, with woman’s screams still vibrated her eardrums; she shut her eyes begging for this insanity to cease.

In a flash the fiery vision along with the terrifying screams faded and all Jenny could hear was the beating of her heart; which was beating at twice its normal rate. She drew quick breaths and began to tremble, with tears gliding down her cheeks. A moment later she tried to soothe herself, her breaths became slower and her heart beat more softly; the tears still glided down her cheeks. The pain inside her head was now becoming less intense; within the next few minutes she was able to climb to her feet and wipe away the remaining tears around her eyes. What the hell has just happened to me? And what was that strange vision that popped into my head? A shiver went down her spine, as her thoughts ran a mile a minute. Her thoughts were so random and clouded that she was unable to think straight, finally after struggling for what seem to Jenny to be eternity; she slowed her racing thoughts and calmed herself once more. It was a brief moment of temporary insanity; which was caused by all of the excitement from the game. It’s nothing to freak yourself out over, even more than you already have. You just need to get home and relax.

Finally she moved on from the spot that she’d been frozen at for the last fifteen minutes and she didn’t stop till she reached home.


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