A single Resolution

New year’s resolutions, (show of hands who despises this tradition?) Although I dislike the tradition, I usually like to do at least one resolution a year. I feel that doing a single resolution, rather than a lengthy list of them, will give you a better chance at actually seeing your goals through. Typically for most the resolutions the train derails from the track somewhere between February and March and you forget all about them until next New Year’s.

Yes I do realize that I am a tad bit late to board the resolutions train, but luckily for me it makes extra stops in Worcester and Providence.

This year, I wanted to address an issue that I’ve been having, which revolves around my blogging. Now for all intensive purposes I can say that I have been blogging; however I am guilty of not putting my heart into it as I have in the past. I brought up this issue in late 2014 because for the past year I felt that my blogging has hit a bit of a dry spell. After two years at that point I think that it is only a natural occurrence; because you get tired or bored, or sometimes even both.

For my third year I do not want to be bored with blogging, nor do I want you my readers to be bored with my writing, and let’s face it if I were to let this dry spell to continue into this year, you might just stop reading, and possibly following, and I can’t have that.

Number 1 Because I am a writer

Number 2 Because it is my duty as a writer to entertain you and to keep you hooked

Number 3 Because I am an artistic, creative person and, IF I CANNOT BE CREATIVE ON MY BLOG THEN WTF!

I am proud to say that my creativity came back into play a little bit before New Year’s; some of you might have noticed that I started posting Short Story bits on the blog, and that I just posted one the other day. The short stories are the purpose of this post and the Harry Potter quote above will hopefully help emphasize my point to this post.

“The things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.” 

Last year as some of you know, I decided to walk away from my YA book series Jenny Mac, because I had completely lost my will to write the story and I had absolutely no direction, and I’m going to be honest I still have no idea what I’m doing or where Jenny Mac is going, but I would like to at least wet my feet a bit, so I began writing up these Jenny Mac short story pieces. I figure that I can try to work out the issues I’ve been having and also give you amazing Jenny Mac fans out there something to chew on; because I know that a few of you were pretty upset that I walked away and pursued other kinds of writing aka Dreamer; (which I’m still going to continue to write.) However I’ve been wanting to do something Jenny Mac wise and now I think I have found a solution that will make everybody happy, and to those of you who stuck around and who have been so patient, I appreciate it.

Well I think that about wraps up my New Year’s resolution stuff, I have a feeling that 2015 will be a good year in writing. 🙂


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