This time of year

I love Christmas, I love every aspect about it, the preparations, the hunt for the perfect gifts, wrapping the gifts. However I don’t think that I could stand gift shopping if I had to do it at the last minute and I’m guessing that I’d probably look something like this…

But seriously I love this time of year, all of the joy and love, and lets not forget about all of those precious things that we do to try to make the season a memorable one. Last year things were a bit tight for myself and my family so we pulled together and did a few things that turned out to be a lot better than receiving gifts. On Christmas morning I made a Brown family traditional breakfast.


The Christmas Quiche… Well okay so it’s something that I usually whip up every year, but what can I say it’s tradition.

We also spent the day together watching Christmas movies and if I recall correctly this movie was in the mix.

Christmas isn’t about the gifts, or the goodies, it’s about togetherness, it’s about taking a break from the usual grind and enjoying a day with loved ones. This year things are looking better than last year’s celebration, we’ve got gifts under the tree, ingredients for our Christmas dinner, and a couple of guests dropping by to celebrate with us, and it’s sure to be a wonderful time.

However I look back on last year’s celebration with fond memories, we may not have had all of the makings for your standard Christmas, but we did have savory quiche and a few good laughs.


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