Okay this little writing piece was supposed to be a rap song that was going to be a  re-write of a song I wrote while trying to get my GED. However it turned into, well I’m not exactly sure what it turned into, the only thing that I’m certain of for this piece is that there’s a lot of rhyming.

Since my arrival in MA my ambitions have been rolling down a one-way.

Dreaming big, living off of instinct, refusing to stop, or put on the brakes, I continue to go at full speed, while I eat, drink, and sleep.

I’ve got a one track mind that’s all about the writing.

When I first arrived I could see my dream clearly, with full manuscript in hand I’d do whatever it takes, no matter how long the journey. At first I stumbled, making mistakes left and right, I recall doing several re-writes, till I was sure that I had my story right, and then I began looking for the next step.

April 2012 I saw it with such clarity, a way to gain fans, and get insights on the publishing industry. This would be my platform, this would be how I got my start, this would serve as the blueprints to my empire, and y’all know it as The Jenny Mac Book Blog.

The past few years have been so crazy, a mixture of much needed criticism, and learning lessons the hard way. But all of these lessons and criticism led me in the direction that I wanted to be in, and now I’m writing a new work in progress that I know will one day be sitting the bookshelves of your local Barnes & Noble.

The road has been long and the journey has been bumpy. But I know it’s going to count something, and I know that I will look back on these days blogging with fondness, and appreciation.

To those who have helped me, who have been there for me, who still continue to read these posts on a daily basis I’m grateful and oh so very thankful. You know I never realized in the beginning what all of this would mean to me, or to other folks out there. In fact the more I think about it the more crazy it seems, who would’ve thought four years ago where this dream would lead.


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